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Edwin Eunson
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Edwin Eunson

Edwin Eunson and another 1940 or so
Another old photo belonging to Edwin's widow. This shows Edwin looking in his 20s on the left. Does anyone know who the other, rather flamboyant-looking, chap is? And what is it that Edwin has hanging from his top pocket?
Picture added on 14 November 2011 at 12:01
No idea who the plus-fours guy is, but could that be a book of some sort under Edwin's arm?
Added by Ian Hourston on 14 November 2011
Might be worth asking Dad, Jimmy! He'll certainly do his best to find out if he doesn't know!
Added by Erika Copland on 14 November 2011
Of course its a book, really obvious, very stupid of me.
Added by Jim Eunson on 14 November 2011
Could it be Col. Rouse from Burray?
Added by Jack on 15 November 2011
Just confirmed that it's not Col. Rouse - so say his son and one of his granddaughters :0)
Added by Alasdair S Thomson on 26 December 2012
The person on the RHS is my late father. Captain Tadeusz (Teddy)Zawadski.
Added by Mary Zawadski on 01 October 2013
Many thanks Mary
Added by Jim Eunson on 06 October 2013
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