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Longhope Freemasons
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Longhope Freemasons

Maybe 1950
Some local men from Longhope St Colm 1022 Freemasons.
Left to right ? Jimmy Simpson ????? Could it be Jackie Norquoy? Stanley Thomson and Issac Moar.
Seems to look a bit like Lizzie, Harriot and Gena Taylor's house on the right.
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Picture added on 01 November 2011 at 16:32
Is the 3rd from the right Jim Groundwater,and maybe Peter Wilson the fella standing beside the right o' Jimmy Simpson, more familiar faces but names are no comin tae me..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 01 November 2011
So man bags are no a new fashion thing !
Added by Any port on 01 November 2011
Beryl you should ken the man at the back is it no John Cromarty,and I think the ane on the left is Sam Isbister would the other ane at the back be Johnnie Black??.
I mind at a bairns party when Santa came in through the door Beryl shouted oot in a very loud voice "thats no Santa yins Owld John Cromarty"!!.
Thats why I thowt you wid ken him Beryl.
Added by John Budge on 02 November 2011
I wid agree, wi' the names you gave John, but 2 left un-named...3rd from the left is really bugging me, I know the face.. but no name will come to me.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 04 November 2011
No I had forgotten that John but we all knew the real Santa just arrived on the 25th Dec! Think I was about 10 when you being an year older and a bit more worldly wise put me straight on that myth one day in class.:-)
Added by Beryl Simpson on 18 February 2012
Sorry Beryl I was a right S**t was I no!!.
Added by John Budge on 20 February 2012
Ha Ha. Do you mind the time that peedie McCloud made us both stay in and write 100 lines. "John's answers the same as Beryl's" "Beryl's answers same as John's" the blooming spelling mistakes got us caught out! Good times though and he even let us take the record player out in the playground to belt out little Eva's "The Loco-Motion" and another one "Telstar" all courtasy o' Jimmy Pirie and his trips in to town, he always brought a record home for Fiona. Whenever I hear them old songs it brings back memories of the South Walls School.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 21 February 2012
Every thing comes to them who wait!!.
Names left to right.
Sam Isbister-Jimmy Simpson-Jim Baillie sen-John Cromarty-Peter Wilson-G Wood-John Hay-Jim Groundwater-Stanley Thomson-Isaac Moar.
Added by John Budge on 26 March 2012
Centre back row is Tom Wood my step dad.
Added by Arthur EW Thornton on 20 May 2020
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