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Flett and Sons store
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Flett and Sons store

Flett & Sons

1960. The store. Door to bakehouse on left. Message bike (left) at back door loaded, ready to go.

[You'll know better than me Sandy, but I thought the bakery shop was on the right. - Steven]
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Picture added on 30 August 2011 at 12:13
Door to bakehouse is as Sandy has it and the shop was on the right, where the Takeaway is now.
Added by Mark Rendall on 30 August 2011
The door on the left was the entrance into the BAKEHOUSE. The BAKERY SHOP was to the right of the close as it was called. The bakery shop is now the International Takeaway. James Flett & Sons (Orkney) Ltd. stretched from there to the Torvhaug. The whole complex was known as Anchor Buildings. In olden times there was an inn there with an anchor for a sign.

[So we are both right - everybody wins! - Steven]
Added by Sandy on 30 August 2011
That is the bakehouse door, I went through that door while serving me time as baker and carried boards o' bread and other produce across to the shop on right. That was around 1970 me, Arnie Budge, Jim Coutts and John Lennie a happy bunch
Added by Gordon Hill on 31 August 2011
I was with the builders who stripped the building down after the fire and the ovens were in at the left hand side at the back.
Added by Robert Shearer on 31 August 2011
I can smell the rolls fae here! Great photo Sandy. Where would it be taken from?

[Mark - you are just the man to illustrate the answer to that question! - Steven]
Added by Barbara Jolly Watt on 01 September 2011
It was taken from the back window of the big upstairs room where grass seed was mixed and a lot of the bigger hardware was stored. I was told that this big room was once a tea room, but for some reason we called it the Ballroom. If you look at all the windows at street level and upstairs from the Torvaugh to the International Takeaway, spare a thought for the poor message boys who washed that lot over the years.
Added by Sandy on 01 September 2011
I am currently restoring one of their delivery bikes which I bought at the closing sale many years ago when I was a sales representative. If anyone can remind me when the company closed and anything about the bike, that would be a great help in identifying the make. Appreciate any advice.....
Added by David McKerrow on 26 August 2020
The name Flett and Sons was written on a metal plate below crossbar. I used to deliver morning rolls to hospitals at 7.30am wind rain or shine. Cycle up East Rd made you pech
Added by Gordon Hill on 09 September 2020
Thanks Gordon
Great memories and with no gears then! Sturdy legs!
I’ll send you a photo once it’s finished.
Best wishes....
Added by David McKerrow on 14 September 2020
Look forward to seeing photo
Added by Gordon Hill on 16 September 2020
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