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Skaill House
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Skaill House

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Picture added on 04 August 2011 at 19:02
I think the car would have been an antique in 1950
Added by Neil Johnstone on 04 August 2011
I'm going to stick my neck out here and guess that this isn't in Sandwick.....or possibly not even in Orkney?(not with clapperboard construction anyway....)
Anonymous comment added on 04 August 2011
skail house where?
Anonymous comment added on 05 August 2011
Possibly Skail, Strathnaver, on the Altnaharra to Bettyhill road? Can't think of a clapperboard house in that immediate area, but then again it is likely to have been refurbished, even demolished and a new building replacing it on site...
Added by Dave Dawson on 06 August 2011
Skail House, Strathnaver, Sutherland.
It's still there, though the tea rooms just visible around the far side has gone. Clapperboard extension which formed the hotel bedrooms was constructed in mid 30's and rendered over in the 70's. Still there today.
Added by TiredGeek on 26 March 2013
Yes this is Skail House in Strathnaver, which was a wonderful family holiday hotel where we spent every Summer from 1946 until 1951. Addy would collect us all with the pony and trap from Kinbrace station and we'd be welcomed "home" by May's wonderful cooking. The "summerhouse" construction on the left was considered to be an "upmarket" suite!
Added by Gillie Harrison on 13 April 2014
Definitely Skail House in Strathnaver. I stayed there in the summer of 1970.
Added by Mr Derek Chittick on 01 May 2021
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