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Ford Model Y
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Ford Model Y

A before and after of the Ford Model Y belonging to W R Tullock being done up. I think it was a 1934 model but Ronnie M will mind on better than me (over to you Ron). Doing the work is the late Ronnie Garriock who was (in my opinion) the best bodywork/spray man in Orkney at that time. I remember driving the "Y" up and down from the vintage show every year and it was a real attraction with folk waving at you where ever you went. You had to remember though that the brakes were not that good - so best to keep the speed below 20 mph !!
Picture added on 12 March 2007
I forgot to add that in the top picture the car is sitting right in the middle of what now is the Motor Hoose pub on Junction Road.
Added by Whassigo on 13 March 2007
The "straight" bumper model Y's (Short Rad) were built from 1932 to 1933. Later models (1934 -1937) have a curved dip in the middle of the front bumper and were known as Long Rad Model Y's because of this, they also had deeper valances on the wings compared with this earlier car.
Added by R on 28 April 2007
This car was up for sale on ebay short ago, near Perth, early 2011. don't know if it sold tho!
Added by Magnus Ritch on 09 June 2011
I was speaking to the present (Aberdeenshire) owner at the Fraserburgh rally last weekend
Added by R on 12 June 2011
I worked on this car as well so did Chris Nicholson, he remade the off/side running board. When he was finished it looked like it had been pressed out in the factory a true craftsman. Good times were had in the spray shop before it became a pub.
Added by Bruce Johnston on 14 June 2011
Ah good Ron, its still up north then.
Hi Bruce I remember you working at it too, who would have thought it would be a pub eh!

Added by Magnus Ritch on 15 June 2011
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