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Mystery place.
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Mystery place.

Mystery place. African trophy heads on an Orkney wall, 1998. Where?
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Picture added on 11 July 2011 at 16:57
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Mystery places or things or people
Carrick hoose, Eday
Added by Malcolm Scott on 11 July 2011
Trumland House?
Added by Sandy on 11 July 2011
Woodwick House?
Anonymous comment added on 11 July 2011
balfour castle
Added by Billy Cardno on 12 July 2011
From Ian to Ian. Carrick House, Eday ?
Added by Ian Cameron on 12 July 2011
Balfour Castle ?
Added by Neil Johnstone on 12 July 2011
Definately Carrick Hoose, Eday.

Used to be a hippo's head behind the door .

Also drawer full of native poison arrows which had to be removed incase visitors were too nosey for their own good !
Added by Marlene Rorie on 12 July 2011
How could anyone do this to such lovely creatures??
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 12 July 2011
Correct Malcolm. A candle-lit dinner with me (you know the rules: I bring the candle, you pay) to anyone who can identify all the species on display, each one a menacing herbivore in serious need of shooting.
Added by Ian Hourston on 12 July 2011
Thanks Ian, I could get all the names of the animals easy enough sometime...... Carrick House or "The Big Hoose" is only about half a mile away from my house. I remember being kindo frightened the first time I saw this lot when I was about five years old.
Added by Malcolm Scott on 13 July 2011
Aye Bertha, and some folk still fish for trout, shoot grouse, ducks, geese, and deer. I used to fish trout myself but thank goodness I was no good at it.
Added by Sandy on 14 July 2011
I'll have the candle ready Malcolm, but you have an unfair advantage. My own best guess is, left to right: impala, topi, Bohor reedbuck, waterbuck (?common), Dorcas gazelle, don't know, topi again (or a closely related hartebeest). The skull is a puzzle: seems to be smooth-horned, unlike all the others. So the dinner goes to whomever can fill in the blanks, and make convincing corrections if necessary. (If I'd realised I'd get myself into this I'd have made notes at the time.)
Added by Ian Hourston on 14 July 2011
I can't say I approve of any of that either - except maybe your not being good at it!!!
Anonymous comment added on 15 July 2011
Sorry you disapprove of my campaign to identify dead antelopes, Anonymous, but don't say I'm no good at it unless you can do better. And now's your chance! A candle-lit dinner could be yours (or mine, or both).
Added by Ian Hourston on 16 July 2011
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