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In Walter Ross's yole, 1948
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In Walter Ross's yole, 1948

For John Budge, Danny Thomson and me, in Walter Ross's yole, 1948 roughly, couldn't have been long before Danny's untimely death..
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Picture added on 16 June 2011 at 23:15
Thanks for this photo Jimmy,what a bonny yole such a curved stem and fine entry ,what was the name o her and what became o her?.
Walter would have kent all aboot her but sadly he is no longer wae us,never was there a man wae such a memory o boats aroond here he wiz like a computer!!.
I dont remember Danny, he died when I was a bairn, as you say Jimmy untimely and very sad. Mither and Faither and GaGa and Grandad were very fond o Danny, they tried to help him along wae his life but sadly something troubled him deeply and he ended it, Mither was deeply affected by his death.
Added by John Budge on 17 June 2011
Thanks for posting this as I'm not totally sure we have a photo of the yole. I think my father's grandfather John Ross maybe had it first? Do you know anything about dad's boat he called the Orbita? I've put up some comments/questions about her on picture #1084.
Added by Jane Harris on 17 June 2011
Sorry Jane, that name doesn't register with me, I was always about hands with your dad and his brothers when I was a kid, but can't mind the name of the yole, he had a dinghy too, but dont think I ever heard the history of it. There's not many about now that would know.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 22 June 2011
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