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Mystery hoose
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Mystery hoose

Another photo of somewhere in Orkney. It could be the isles or the mainland. The poeple trying to trace this house are descended from the Bews family of Menis, Egilshay and Bu, Westray. The house appears unusual in that there is four windows upstair not the usual three in normal Orkney farms.

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Picture added on 08 June 2011 at 20:04
It may be Westray, but not Egilshay with the hill in the background
Anonymous comment added on 17 June 2011
There's a couple of farm houses north of Skaill Bay Sandwick & another at Harray end of Dounby with 4 upstairs windows but spacings appear different from the Pats photo. This 4 window version seems to be more common in west mainland then the east. Dinna ken aboot the isles.
Anonymous comment added on 22 June 2011
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