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Old postcard of Stromness dated 1976
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Old postcard of Stromness dated 1976

Old postcard of Stromness dated 1976
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Picture added on 30 March 2011 at 12:13
1976? That's not 'old'! Thirty-four-year-old people aren't old. And postcards far outlast people. Mutter, mutter, mutter . . .
Added by Ian Hourston on 30 March 2011
Jacko Leslie's old TRUST?
Anonymous comment added on 30 March 2011
Are you sure that it was as late as 1976?
Added by Stewart Taylor on 30 March 2011
The wooden pile "Warehouse Pier" was badly damaged on the South side by the "St Rognvald" when her "stop/start" Sulzer engine failed to go astern in 66 or 67 I think the current sheet piled pier was built about 1970 or so I think. However I think this PC may be even older as I think the Nissen hut used by BOCM or SAI to store feeding stuff was removed by mid 60s. Note a wooden hut being built opposite where the Taxi Garage is these days.
Added by W Mackay on 01 April 2011
Would it not have been in the region of ten years earlier?
Anonymous comment added on 01 April 2011
The Trust was here a while before 76?
Anonymous comment added on 02 April 2011
Does the fact that St Peter's 'Old' Kirk still has its stumpy spire give a clue to the pc's age (or at least the date of the photo)?
Added by Ian Hourston on 04 April 2011
The f/v.Trust,which Jack Leslie owned, while in the Pentland Firth was leaking badly & was hauled up on the slip at Wick Harbour to be sorted. After a while the repairers said that she was mended but the owner disagreed. Time went on & the boat was advertised for sale as she was, by auction. The gentleman who bought her paid five pounds. That would have been approx.1966/7 as I was stationed at Holborn Head Lighthouse & was shifted to Pentland Skerries in Dec.1967
Added by John Ritch on 06 April 2011
Spot on wae your dates John, she had been on the slip to get her keel bolts seen to as she was leaking like sieve, however after that she was down about Stroma when she took to the leaking again this time it was pretty bad so they ran her up in the harbour at Stroma and the TGB took the crew back to Orkney. As John says she went for the pricely sum of £5 they took her back to Wick and put her on the slip and sorted out the keel bolts and she was fine after that. I remember her on the pier at Wick getting steam cleaned early 1969 and she had a Thornycroft engine fitted, at some stage she was bought by Jim Oag and the wheelhouse was shifted forrid.At a later stage she was being towed down to Buckie I think to get work done on her engine when she went to the bottom and that was the end of the old TRUST INS 464 - K296
Added by Allan Besant on 09 April 2011
Allan, I remember the night Jacko beached her on Stroma, the TGB was out on exercise, and had dropped anchor close to the L/Boat station, when the call came from the C/Guard to send the L/Boat to Stroma to pick up the 3 crewmembers- Jacko Leslie,Leslie Halcro and Alistair Tait. Worst thing was there was a dance in the YM that night and everyone wanted to go, maybe you were crew that night.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 12 April 2011
No Stewart I wisna on her that night and I dont think John was ither but the date seems to be the First April 1966.
Added by Allan Besant on 12 April 2011
Definitely back in the 60s. I left Orkney on 17/4/67 and the black shed was away a bit before I left
Added by IAN FLETT on 17 September 2012
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