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Old postcard of Stromness harbour early 1960
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Old postcard of Stromness harbour early 1960

Old postcard of Stromness harbour early 1960
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Picture added on 30 March 2011 at 12:12
The two INS boats are both from Hopeman. The nearest one INS 228 is the Garland, Skipper was John More. The inner one INS 253 is the Flourish skipper was John Sutherland. The Wick boat may be the Gleaner.
Added by Angus Main on 01 April 2011
The two INS boats both belong to Hopeman. The nearest one is the Garland INS 228. Skipper John More. The inner one is the Flourish INS 253, Skipper John Sutherland. The Wick boat may be the Gleaner.
Added by Angus Main on 04 April 2011
WK229 was the Enterprise. Always good for a 'fry' when she came in!
Added by Mike Clouston on 11 April 2011
WK 229 "Enterprise" was Skipper George Swanson from Keiss one of the real "Character" among the visiting fishermen who regularly frequented Stromness in that era. The "Gleaners" was WK325 I think she was a similar light blue colour to "Enterprise". Interestingly the "Flourish" of Hopeman later(about 1968) became K914 owned by Johno Davidson from Shapinsay for a few years before ending her days as a Crabber based in Devon. Also interesting to note how the fishing changed more with the seasons then as the "Flourish" and many other Hopeman & Avoch boats would work herring & sprats with ring net gear in the summer and then the seine net in winter.
Added by Willie Mackay on 02 June 2011
Willie as you knew all these men fae the ither side o the Firth they were freinds o whur Faither as he wiz also a "Kaitness" man.

Weel Geordie Swanson as yae ken had a bad stammer and wae used tae listen tae them on the trawler band all the time and now Geordie was a very helpfull man and one day I mind anither east coast boat lost there rudder on a bad day Geordie offered help at once and during the opperation to bring them under tow he never stamered once, but as soon as the boat was under tow fae the "Enterprize" off poor Geordie wiz at the stammering again !!.
Added by John Budge on 06 June 2011
I guess your talking about Honest George here Willie, would that be right.
Added by Ernie Rendall on 07 June 2011
Ally, where would Ness House be In relation to this photo? The Flett side of my family owned it for some time during the war and Great Uncle Willie Flett, a seaman, lived there after he 'retired' until he died. We are coming from Canada and will be in Orkney for 2 weeks to experience the country of our roots and perhaps find family ties. My great grandmother was a Leask and married James Flett of Redland Farm. He died as a result of a wager -to lift a HBC anchor on the dock at Stromness. Any chance we might be related?
Added by Carol Britton (Rannie ) on 16 July 2013
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