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Rosie man from Flotta
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Rosie man from Flotta

I'm hoping someone may know of my ancesters with the name ROSIE.The gentleman in the picture is Thomas A. Rosie who was born in 1828 at Walls and Flotta and married a Margaret Bruce born in 1827 at Wick. They married and then moved to Australia in 1852. Most of his movements in Australia I know about but apart from his census records in Orkney I don't know much more. His parents were George Rosie and Elizabeth Tomison. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Picture added on 01 March 2011 at 19:47
HI Danielle, My Grandfather's name was also Thomas Rosie. He was born in Flotta in 1885(I think). My father Daniel who is still alive, aged 90 had an uncle Jim who emigrated to Australia before 1920. My father thinks the gentleman in the picture may be a cousin of his Grandfather - also called Daniel Rosie. He wonders if your family are connected with the Jenkins family who live in Australia. Mrs. Jenkins maiden name was Rosie.
Added by Christine Sinclair on 15 March 2011
Hi Danielle, My grandfather was James Isbister ROSIE he was born on Flotta in 1888. His father was Daniel ROSIE illegitimate son of Thomas ROSIE and Mary BARNETT. The photo is of Thomas and he married Margaret BRUCE and came to Australia and is connected with the Jenkins family who live in Australia. I am incontact with Keith Jenkins.My grandfather came to Australia in 1910. I have only a little further information and would be pleased to share it with you both.
Added by Judith Schumer on 10 June 2011
Hi Danielle, I found Thomas Allen Rosie (B 02/09/1828 Walls & Flotta) In our tree, my wife Katrina Rosie's side'. His Father George was married twice, previously to Ann Peebles and before that he had a relationship with Barbara Halcrow, 12 children in all. George was from the tiny island of Swona, Off S Ronaldsay. Katrina's line come from John Rosie 1806, Thomas's half brother and Georges second son. Katrina's dad was Thomas A S Rosie.
Added by Martin Ashford on 11 June 2011
Hi,again,Danielle, I don't think I left my email with the comment I added in case you want to get in touch. Martin
Added by Martin Ashford on 17 June 2011
Hi Martin, Would be very interested to have some more information on George Rosie. I have him being the son of George Rosie and Catherine Dunnett and that is all that I have on this line of the Rosie Tree. Would appreciate any further information. This is just wonderful getting more information for my tree. Thanks for getting on line. Where do you live? I am in Australia.
Added by Judith Schumer on 19 June 2011
For Christine Sinclair

I was wondering if your grandfather Thomas Rosie served with the Royal Engineers during the Great War. Thank you.
Added by Joseph Henry on 21 July 2011
Hi Joseph,
My father is pretty sure his father, Thomas Rosie served in the Royal Engineers during the Great War. I shall check with my cousin who may have more information. My grandfather was a blacksmith and returned to his home of Flotta where he died on 31st Jan 1982, aged 96.

Do you have a photo of his regiment that you could email us as my father remembers seeing a copy of his father with his regiment? We would easily be able to identify him through that. We recently saw a photo of him (on his own) in uniform in the Flotta Museum.

Hope this helps.

Added by Christine Sinclair on 24 July 2011
Hi and thankyou to everyone who responded.
The Rosie line that I can go back to is this, 1.George Rosie b.1685(m)Barbara Swanton -2. George Rosie b.1728(m)Catharine Dunnet - 3.George Rosie b.1772(m)Barbara Halcrow/Anne Peebles/Elizabeth Tomison - 4.Thomas Rosie b.1828 (m)Margaret Bruce/Mary Ellen Martin ( he also had a child in Orkney to Mary Barnet called Daniel b.1850) - 5. Elizabeth Rosie b.1859 - 6. Percival Rosie(illegitimate) b.1881 (m)Maud Marria - 7. Thelma Rosie b.1920 (my grandmother). I can't find any Jenkins in my family.

Thomas and his wife moved to Australia in 1852. Thomas's brother Malcolm Rosie then came to Australia in 1854. Malcolm sadly died in Australia unmarried age 37 in 1863. Thomas and his family visited Orkney in in 1871 where they had their last child Thomasina born in 1872 in Orkney. We're guessing Thomas visited Mary Barnet and his son Daniel while he was there. Not sure if the rest of the family knew of Daniel. Descendants of Thomas's children didn't know of his exsistance. I am unaware if any other family members of Thomas Rosie also came to Australia apart from Malcolm. I have alot more information that I will happily share if anyone is interested. Also I live in South Australia.
Added by Danielle Ross on 11 October 2011
Hi Danielle, Was so pleased to read your comments on the above. Would love to get intouch with you personally. The Jenkins family come in through Thomas Rosie who married Margaret BRUCE they had Marion Robenia ROSIE (b.1866) and she married James THOMSON 1888.then their daughter Elizabeth Robenia THOMSON (B.1888) married James GREENFIELD (m.1915) their daughter Jean (b.1915) married Alan Lancelott JENKINS (m.1940)and they had Keith Daryl JENKINS (b,1951). Keith gave me this information and we corresponded for a time but of late I have been unable to contact him. I will find out more. If unable to get in touch, through this site will be fine. As you must know I live in Victoria.
Added by Judith Schumer on 16 October 2011
Hi Danielle my name is Margaret i am a descendant of Thomas Allen Rosie. Further information about the Rosie family: Thomas had a sister Mary Rosie who married a Sutherland they had a large family who remained on the isle of Flotta; two of their children came to Australia in the 1890's. I am happy to give you more information about them
Added by Margaret Iliff on 25 November 2011
Hi Margaret, Would love to get in touch with you regarding the Sutherland family that came out to Australia. Do you live in Australia now?
Added by Judith Schumer on 01 December 2011
Hi Judith thank for the comment on the Sutherland family. I live in Melbourne Australia. I will be happy to give further information on the Rosie family. Thank you, Margaret
Added by Margaret Iliff on 02 December 2011
Hi, my gran's maiden name was Margaret Rosie from Flotta who married into the Collin family and had my dad who they named Robinson Collin. At one point I took back the name Rosie and now have a grandson called Daniel. At one point I lived in Orkney for several years and feel a part of me will always feel a tie to the islands.
Added by Bex Bowen on 30 July 2013
Hi Danielle.
I know the email trail is old (2011), but just found your comments and of those kind enough to respond.
You mention Thomas Rosie emigrating to Australia! Thomas Rosie was the bother to George and Malcolm Rosie.
George Rosie married Margaret Ferguson and eventually moved to Liverpool, this is my line. Malcolm subsequently died on his way to Australia.
George Rosie had two children Thomas and George my paternal G G Grand father. Thomas Married Catherine Sinclair (of Orkney) in Liverpool and had two children Thomas and Mary who died shortly after her birth. Thomas subesquently joined the Royal Navy fighting in the battle of Jutland. He married Edith Fanny Summers and had one child Violent Catherine ROSIE my Grand mother. Violet subsequently married Horace Robert Hart a policeman in Ramsgate.
Hope this helps with some of your research.
Regards. Paul J Shingles
Added by Paul J Shingles on 15 May 2014
I hope Paul, that Edith's child was called "Violet" Catherine ROSIE. Blessings for you journey of discovery into our family's history.
Added by Bex Bowen on 25 June 2014
As mentioned earlier on this page, Jean Jenkins, my mother, was the grand-daughter of Thomas Rosie and she certainly inherited some of the Rosie longevity genes, as she has just turned 99 on the 25th June. [PS I have the original photo of the one displayed on this page.]
Added by Keith Jenkins on 27 June 2014
Hi Paul.
Thankyou for your family information. I have added it to my tree as I already had Thomas's brothers but not their family. Did you know that Thomas also had a sister called Mary Rosie who was born in 1831. She married a John Sutherland. Regarding his brother Malcolm he actually died aged 38 living in Australia and it was Thomas's son Malcolm who died on the ship coming back to Australia in 1875 near Indonesia. It can get confusing as everyone shared the same name. I hope some of this information helps. Thanks again.
Added by Danielle Ross on 28 June 2014
Welcome to the family Paul. Thanks for your information I have added it to my tree. Thanks again.
Added by Judith Schumer on 29 June 2014
My mother, Jean Jenkins mentioned above is the grand-daughter of Thomas Rosie in the photo.
Following in the longevity genes of the Rosie's, she just turned 99 4 days ago on June 25.
Still fit and well and living in her own home.
I have the original photo of Thomas above.
Added by Keith Jenkins on 29 June 2014
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