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Waiting for Jock o Broughs horses to be offloaded
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Waiting for Jock o Broughs horses to be offloaded

Waiting for Jock o Broughs horses to be ofloaded.
early sixties.
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Picture added on 01 February 2011 at 12:21
Billy, I have just been going through some of dads old photos, and came across some where a lot of Clydesdales were being unloaded. I think this could be the same day. I must go back and have a look
Added by Alastair Kelday on 02 February 2011
Thanks its likley it will be the same day.
Added by Billy Cardno on 03 February 2011
Hi anyone know the fellow on the left- looks like my grandad James (Jimmick) Sutherland he used to work in the docks in Kirkwall
Added by Jim Sutherland on 07 February 2011
all I ken is Eric Brown,Geordie Harcus,Tony Rosie,Tommy Johnston,Cyrl Stewart,Bill Couper,Bill Sinclair,Two Boys from the mart and Brian Thompson think hes in Shetland now)
Added by Billy Cardno on 07 February 2011
I dont ken whit dockers wid dae if they didno hae pooches to keep their hands warm.
Added by Ernie Rendall on 08 February 2011
Andy THOMSON IS IN SHETLAND Peter Petrie is on his left
Anonymous comment added on 08 February 2011
I worked with your Grandad and your Dad Jim Sutherland JNR
Added by Bob Kelday on 09 February 2011
The person standing next to me with the green boiler suit and beret is not Peter Petrie it is Victor Smith, late of willowburn Road. Who was a mechanic with the OIC when they had their yard in the back road.
Added by Andy Thompson Shetland on 03 March 2011
you have good memories you old timers!!!
Added by Billy Cardno on 08 March 2011
Man to the left of ANDY THOMSON is certainly PETER PETRIE
Added by Bob Kelday on 19 June 2011
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