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Mystery group
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Mystery group

my mother and others, help required?only ken two.

[Date estimated]
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Picture added on 01 February 2011 at 12:19
Lto R:
Violet Moar,?,Sheena Spence,?,Mrs Cardno,Mrs Falkener?, Mrs Findlater?(Angus's mother)
Added by Margaret Hinckley on 01 February 2011
I recognise a few of them but only know the names of the last three on the right. I think they are Mrs Cardno, Hazel Groundwater and Mrs Windwick.
Looks like it's been a good night!!
Added by Bruce Moar on 01 February 2011
I think I can help you here Billy.....names are as they were then......
L>R,,,Violet Moar,Nancy Walls,Thelma Marwick,May Fox,Margaret Cardno,Hazel Groundwater,Madeleine Windwick......not sure of the occasion,but think it wis a hospital dinner dance in the Albert Hotel??
Added by Hazel Groundwater on 02 February 2011
Is second from the left Evelin Magilvery?
Added by Liz Firth on 02 February 2011
think they were the seventy club nurses raising money for local charites- my mother is second from right
Added by Vince Walls on 02 February 2011
sorry second from left is my mother
Added by Vince Walls on 02 February 2011
L-R.Voilet Moar,Nancy(Seatter)Walls,Thelma Ross,May Fox,Mrs Cardno,Hazel Groundwater,Mrs Windwick.Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough. on 02 February 2011
Left to right is, Violet Moar, Nancy Seatter (maiden name),Thelma Marwick,May Fox,Margaret Cardno,Hazel Groundwater,Adelene Windwick.This photo could have been taken at a hospital doo.
Added by Shirley Moar on 02 February 2011
oops! I thought I had sent in the names,,,,,names are as they were when photo was taken;;;;;;
l>r Violet Moar,Nancy Walls,Thelma Marwick.May Fox,Margaret Cardno,Hazel Groundwater,Madeline Windwick.....I think that is right....one of the many good nights that group had....I do think that wis a hospital dance, going wae the posh clobber!!!!
Added by Hazel Groundwater on 03 February 2011
I think the one on the extreme right is actually Bella Rees.
Anonymous comment added on 03 February 2011
Ha I Might Have Kent Hazel That You Would Be The One With Your Mouth Open
Added by Billy Cardno on 03 February 2011
lol...you are quite right Billy.......
Added by Hazel Groundwater on 10 February 2011
Quite a group!! :) Did a lot of good work for the hospital too.
Added by Eleanor McBeath on 02 April 2013
Hazel I think this looks more like the upstairs lounge of the Kirkwall Hotel. Check out the wall light and storage heater.
Added by Anonymous 2 on 04 April 2013
I thimk you could be right there Anon.......
Added by Hazel on 13 April 2013
Hazel, How many peedie drams did you have before typing your response ? "thimk"
Added by Anonymous 2 on 15 April 2013
I'm wanting to know if Hazel Groundwater is related to my husband, Ian Louttit from Saskatchewan, Canada. We visited your house in 1997 0r 98. Would love to hear from you.
Added by Ian and Carolann Louttit on 16 January 2014
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