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County Show day or a Stronsay trip day
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County Show day or a Stronsay trip day

This could be a County Show day or a Stronsay trip day around about 1950 ish, as its mostly Stronsay folk on board. Can you put names to the numbers.I can name a good lot of them, but I will wait to see what you can do first.Also what boat is it and can you name the captain looking out the wheelhouse door ?
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Picture added on 20 December 2010 at 18:37
Is it the Earl Thorfin with Capt Hamish Flett??
Added by Graham Campbell on 20 December 2010
It could be Hamish. There was something about the Sigurd having the white bit around the wheelhouse and the Thorfinn being broon.
Added by Bill Miller on 20 December 2010
No, it is the Earl Sigurd, possibly Georgs Harcus as captain. The Earl Sigurd had four cross bars on her rails, the Earl Thorfinn had five.
Anonymous comment added on 20 December 2010
Its Hamish Flett as skipper but not the Earl Thorfinn it is the 'Earl Sigurd'. The Thorfinn had an open flying bridge before it had the new wooden wheelhouse fitted immediately after the war. The Thorfinn also had rails both sides of the wheelhouse rather than the half solid half rails.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 20 December 2010
Thorfinn's wheelhouse was stained must be the siguard and peedie Geordie
Added by Billy Cardno on 21 December 2010
I would need my magnifying lenses for the folks in this one, Bill but my guess would be the Thorfinn or the Sigurd since they were the only boats I can remember going to Stronsay at that time. Merry Christmas and a very happy 2011 to you and the family.
Added by Freda Jackson on 21 December 2010
Think you should get out more Bill
Added by Any port on 21 December 2010
Am been telt the day by a very reliable informant that this is definately the Sigurd, bekiss you could walk right aroond the front o' the Thorfinn's bridge, but no on the Sigurd. If you luk at the pictures o' both boats on this site, that is confirmed. Noo, whit aboot the skipper ? Captain Flett is still going strong so mibbee a relative could sha him the picture and let him confirm it. Whit aboot the passenger's neems?
Added by Bill Miller on 23 December 2010
Showed photograph to Hamish Flett. He confirms it is him. He joined Orkney Steam in 1947 and sailed on the Thorfinn as Mate under John Hutchison. At the time, the Sigurd was captained by Capt Malcolmson. When Captain Malcolmson left, Hamish Flett moved to the Sigurd as Captain. Later, when John Hutchison left, George Harcus became master of the Sigurd.
Anonymous comment added on 26 December 2010
No very sure but will try a few. On the extreme left Ena Work and W Stevenson Burrogate,Hamish Flett, No 1 Possibly Tanny, 2 Doy Stout 3 George Maxwell 5 David Caithness 8 James Miller Millbank 9 Jim Work Holland 10 Miss Mary Gorie, 16 Jim Dennison Fingoe,17 D Peace Dishes,19 Sidney Swanney, 18 Rita Fotheringhame ,25 Bob Fotheringhame, 26 Walter Muir, 23 James Chalmers Sound ,27 John Fiddler, 30 Donald Peace, 32 Pat Reid ,34 Ernest Seatter, 35 Jean Archibald ?? 41 W Cooper Cleat and D Chalmers coalmerchant in front of him ,47Mrs Clyne Fernside , 48 Possibly Meg Cooper. not sure o the rest
Anonymous comment added on 27 December 2010
The John Hutchison in question would seem to have been my father (before i was concieved-(nov 1951). Any info about his ships in them days would be enormously interesting to me and the rest of his family..obviously!
Added by Alfred Hutchison on 31 October 2013
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