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School or Girl Guides group, 1929
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School or Girl Guides group, 1929

Photo, by Courtesy of Thora Bain (of The Creamery) taken at a guess,1929. An all Female Group,don't know if it is a school or Girl Guides Group,Top row,L-R. Hannah Johnston,Thora Bain,Mary Wishart,Doris Cooper,May Brough,Kathy Wylie,(Andy's Sister, )Thelma Bews, Kathy Linklater,(from Wyre)Vera Perry,(Father,Customs Officer)Thora Miller,from(Hestwall,Mistra in Evie.Front row,L-R. ?Swanney(Mrs.Bews of the Chip Shop)Elsa Croy,(Mrs Sidney Robertson)Ina Laird,Winnie Cumming(Danny Cumming was her Father and he worked in R.Garden's,Peggy Buchan,(lived in Bridge St.where the Harbour Fry is now)Agnes Sutherland(Mrs.Stout, her Granny was a sister of Capt.Work of Craigiefield House,Margaret Sutherland,(her Father was Minister in the King St.Church)Agnes Drever,(Mrs.Bob Twatt,Lingro Farm)Alma Lamb,Mrs Sidney Sutherland)Anne Laughton,(Jeemie Laughton the Dealer's Sister,)Wilma Linklater,Thora Windwick,(Mrs.P.Cormack) Thora Bain is still very much alive with a very good memory,May Brough was an Auntie to me,She went away to the Nurseing with Johanna Rosie,latterly Sister Rosie,May died at a young age after contracting T.B.at the Western General Hospital in Glasgow.Added by Phil Brough.
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Picture added on 15 December 2010 at 18:29
This is more than likely a school photo since at that time the Guide uniform was quite a distinctive dress.
Added by Neil Johnstone on 17 December 2010
The girl named Ina Laird (in the front left, three in), is that her married name?
Would she be Ina Kennedy, Bu, Burray, who married James Laird of Gallow Hill?
She died 06-06-09.
Added by Anne Miller on 29 May 2011
Is the girl named Ina Laird (in the front left row, three in), Ina Kennedy from Bu, Burrary who married James Laird from Gallow Hill?
She passed away 06-06-09.
Added by Anne Miller on 29 May 2011
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