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Mystery chap
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Mystery chap

Mystery man from set of photos found in attic. Looking good in his army? uniform.
Possibly from South Ronaldsay?
Anyone know who he is?

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Picture added on 17 November 2010 at 17:18
Mandy, could you give us a clue as to the attic these interesting photos were found in. From there we might be able to determine the names of the people in the photos.
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 28 December 2010
From my Dad's family photos.
Thomsons' of Rumlie/Hallbreck, Grimness, SR
Could be from a soldier that was posted in the area at the time, so I'm told.

Would like to know what uniform is, even if don't know who the chap is.

Added by Mandy on 10 January 2011
A very smart uniform it is, possibly a Pipe Band one or even one that might have been kept by a photographer for portraits such as this. No photographers name on the back ?
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 12 January 2011
Nothing on the back of the photo. There may have been writing at some point, but it is gone now.

You could be right about the Pipe Band connection. Photos #740, #9695 and #10835 have a good likeness for the uniform.
I imagine the colour would be similar to photo #3008

Thanks for the help.
Added by Mandy on 19 January 2011
The badge on the sporran is that of the Cameron Highlanders Regiment and the uniform worn indicates that he is a member of the pipe band.
Added by Eddy Ross on 06 March 2011
Hi Mandy,
Good photo and I agree with Eddy.
Would this be the Thompsons that farmed Rumlie in the 40-50s,Bob and his sister Annie?
Added by Ian Scott on 16 November 2011
That would be them.
Bob was my Granddad.
Added by Mandy on 17 November 2011
Thanks Mandy,I have many happy memories of holidays in Grimness .Your Grandad and his family were a great help to my Granny who lived at Little South Cara also known as the Howe.
Added by Ian Scott on 21 November 2011
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