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Mystery Badge- SBF 1959
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Mystery Badge- SBF 1959

Another badge for identification. This was among my mothers possessions. She was living at Lighthouse Farm in Firth in 1959 so I think ths must have some Orkney connection. There is a number on the back 3291 so it might have been a membership badge. Any sugestions ?

Photo taken 23/10/10
Picture added on 25 October 2010 at 17:30
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Added by E STOUT on 25 October 2010
Scottish Building Federation? Just a suggestion.
Added by Cathleen Spence on 25 October 2010
Scottish Building Federation?
Added by Neil Johnstone on 25 October 2010
Given the thistle design, it's tempting to assume the S stands for Scottish, but I can't find any organisation, like for instance Beef Farmers or Badminton Federation, that satisfies the acronym. Did your Mum have any particular interests or pastimes that might provide a clue?

Perhaps there'll be someone out there with a similar badge who has the answer, but my internet trawl has come up empty, like yours I expect.
Added by Ian Hourston on 25 October 2010
Scottish Bowling Federation??
Added by Ian M Gibson on 25 October 2010
this badge is from the Scottish Bowlers Federation and very likely is a members badge.
Added by J.W. on 25 October 2010
Interestingly, viewers have come up with two variations - Bowlers and Bowling - and the internet has a third - Bowls. Who can prove the correct form?
Steven, you deleted from my previous post a passing reference to two of the very first terms I found on typing SBF into my browser. A third was the Swiss Boomerang Federation (no, seriously) but I didn't include it for fear it would come back to haunt me.

[I didn't want to harm the sensitivities of our readers- however if the wish to search for SBF... - Steven]
Added by Ian Hourston on 26 October 2010
There are examples of these Scottish Bowlers' Fellowship badges on Flickr. Later designs were enamelled a different colour each year.
Added by Marlene Mainland on 27 October 2010
Thanks to all who came up with answers to my question. Bowls/Bowling/Bowlers is something I
never thought of as my mother never took part in the sport. I now think the badge and another for 1958 must have come from a box o' bruck bought at a sale.
Ian Cameron
Added by Ian Cameron on 27 October 2010
There is a similar badge on eBay from 1963 at the moment, item 200535477299. Described as Scottish Bowls Federation.
Added by Jim Eunson on 28 October 2010
Scottish Bowlers' Fellowship (not Federation) is the only variant that strikes oil on Google.
Added by Ian Hourston on 29 October 2010
The badges are selling from £1.99 to £3.99 on Ebay so my mother hasn't left me a fortune.
Ian Cameron
Added by Ian Cameron on 30 October 2010

I to have one of these badges mine with the number 8669 on the reverse - it belonged to my father who was a keen bowler with the Woodend Bowling Club in Jordanhill, Glasgow - i dont remember him being involved in national competitions so my asumption is that 1959 was some sort of anniversary (I joined the merchant navy at that time)
Added by John Veitch on 19 August 2012
My mum died on 14th August 2021, she was 95 years old, and I found this badge in her belongings.1959 SBF on the back is number 28730
Added by David Lothian on 17 November 2021
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