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Beware of the ramp
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Beware of the ramp

Heard a loud bang this morning outside Tesco and saw a car crashing into and up this new ramp into the old car park. Several cars did the same as they did not notice it. Be warned drivers!
Picture added on 08 June 2010 at 11:59
This ramp was apparently made because Tesco customers with trolleys could not get across to the other side of the entrance due to the high pavements each side so this was made and a zebra crossing or similar is to be painted on the top. I noticed today they have set a steep wooden slope at the edge of the ramp but it is still making vehicles hit it hard.
Added by MARION MCLEOD on 08 June 2010
I see today Monday 14th June they have made a lovely gentle sloping ramp in front of this so vehicles can glide up it now!
Added by MARION MCLEOD on 14 June 2010
If you can't get across there then just use the flat bit a wee bit further back?
Anonymous comment added on 18 June 2010
Personally I don't need to use this ramp as I go on the pavement in my chair and round to the shop on that. I was concerned that vehicles were being damaged hitting that solid face on the ramp. It has been sorted now of course!
Added by MARION MCLEOD on 23 June 2010
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