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Mystery machine
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Mystery machine

Mystery machine.
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Picture added on 31 May 2010 at 11:28
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Mystery places or things or people
Your mysteries, Grant, seem to depend quite a bit on the blurring of your images. In this case, I presume if we could read the small print we could deduce what the machine is. All I can read is CBS and what appears to be Warning: hot hose. So I deduce it's Coventry Building Society's patent hose-heater. Am I right?
Added by Ian Hourston on 31 May 2010
Powered Duct Rod Pusher
Added by James Higgins on 31 May 2010
a pump? or more probably a filter?
Added by Yockenthwaite on 31 May 2010
Used for fibre optic cable installation
Added by Ross on 31 May 2010
Its a machine for installing fibre optic cables, I think that it blows the cable along the conduit using compressed air.
Added by A Johnston on 01 June 2010
could it be a mole ?
Added by Mark Vincent on 02 June 2010
could it be a cable blowing machine for fibre optic cables, perhaps?
Added by Eoin on 02 June 2010
Oh no it isn't, Grant. The Mystery Machine was Scooby-Doo's van!!
Added by Graham Garson on 03 June 2010
Looks a bit like a CBS Products Tornado Cable Blowing Machine to me
Added by Raymond Hay on 03 June 2010
it is used in the installation of Fibre optic cables. Looks like the tornado model.
Added by LJR on 06 June 2010
It ain't blurred Ian, its just that the small print gets smaller the older you get, and there isn't anything there to tell you what it is anyway. James is almost there with his rod pusher, it's actually a fibre optic cable blowing machine.
Added by Grant Leonard. on 07 June 2010
Looks like a Wicker to me- "Get e fibre in e ole"
Added by Any Port on 17 September 2010
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