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Four Orkney Ferries at Kirkwall Pier
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Four Orkney Ferries at Kirkwall Pier

Four Orkney Ferries at Kirkwall Pier 14/04/2010.
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Picture added on 29 April 2010 at 13:40
And there are no Marine Service Logos on the Earls
Added by D on 30 April 2010
This is a scene that annoys me, why cant these boats be based in the Isles they serve, what a lot of employment and families that would bring to the North Isles, after all its the people who live in the Isles that make the need for the ferries in the first place, or am I just a grumpy owld man who has lived on an Island all his life, what would I ken anyway.

[No John, it's not JUST that you are a grumpy old man... speaking as a grumpy middle-aged man- Steven]
Added by John Budge on 05 May 2010
How many islands could provide fully qualified crews to man these North Isles vessels? - It would be interesting to know. Contrary to the belief of some councillors and others, it takes several years and many courses to become an experienced qualified seafarer. Each vessel has two crews (Masters Mates Engineers Deck and Catering crew).
Anonymous comment added on 06 May 2010
It used to be like that John. In the days of the old Earls, they would lay up in Westray on two or three nights a week and I think most of the crews came from there as well. There again thats whit I mind, I think. Being as I'm ower forty the minds gone.
Added by PRICE SINCLAIR on 07 May 2010
Anonymous are you saying there are no clever folk in the isles I will have you know the peedie one teacher school in Rackwick produced more Master Mariners than ever came oot o anywhere else in Orkney.
Think on anonymous.
Added by John Budge on 09 May 2010
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