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Orphir School Team
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Orphir School Team

Not sure who all the people are it says oct 1962 on the back of the photo, think it is orphir school team hope it is of some interest to some folks. If it is who I think it is one of the lads is eithe Mervin or Francis Ballantyne any other names?
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Picture added on 01 March 2010 at 22:34
Maybe even Mervyn and Francis plus one of the Bichan boys, I think.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 01 March 2010
In the back row I wonder if it's Davie Esslemont 4th from the left and Francis Ballantyne at the far right?
Might be Merv Ballantyne in the middle of the front row and Cliff Bichan on the far right.
Added by Bruce Moar on 02 March 2010
back row from left. ??,??,??,David Esslemont,Ian Johnston,Mervin Ballantyne
Front row. ??,George Flett,Francess Ballantyne,??,Clifford Bichan
Added by Allan Wilson on 02 March 2010
Is it back row Ian Frisken?,Willie Cowsell, Bobby Cunningham,Davie Esslemont, Ian Johnston, mervin Ballantyne.
Front Row Jim Frisken, Geordie Flett, Francis Ballentyne, Jimmy Slater, Cliff Bichan.
Anonymous comment added on 03 March 2010
Another 2 names,1st back row l/h side, Edward Groat, 2nd row, 4th from l/h side, Roy Slater
Added by George Scollay on 03 March 2010
Roy Slater, 2nd from right on front row.
Added by Fred Grieve on 03 March 2010
I mind a fella wi the name Cowsell working at Lyness in the 50's before the base closed, he was fae Orphir, must be related to the boy in the pic..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 05 March 2010
Back row from left: Edward Groat,Nigel Clouston,Bobby Cunningham,Davie Esslemont,Ian Johnston,Mervin Ballantyne

Front row from left: Jim Frisken,Geordie Flett,Francis Ballantyne,Roy Slater,Cliff Bichan

Added by Geordie Flett on 05 March 2010
If that's Willie Cowsell, he would have been about 15 in 1962.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 05 March 2010
That would have been Ron Cowsell. He married Marion Balfour from Rendall and drove the Bank of Scotland van when I knew him.
Added by Jackie Harrison on 06 March 2010
My goodness thats my cousin George Flett alright. I haven't seen him since the summers I used to go to Orphir to my auntie Tittas away back in the fifties. He had a sister Barbara who worked in the shop. Anyone got any more info? I now live in Stornoway, I was from Little Corse St.Ola
Added by Margaret Robertson on 08 December 2010
Hi I'm David Flett from Cardwell, Australia (born 1956 in Sth Aust). My great-grandfather James Laughton Flett, came to Adelaide in 1867 from Kirkwall. Geordie Flett, second from left, front row,has the same name as my son (born 1987). At the time of naming, we knew of no Geordies. Also, the photo is very similar to me at the same age.
Added by David Flett on 16 February 2014
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