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P4E 1978/1979
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P4E 1978/1979

Back Row: Mrs Oag, Kirk Milligan?, ??, Sheena Spence, David Leask, Heather Raeburn, Michael Dickinson, Karen Bichan, Calvin Reid, ??, Laura Mitchell
Middle Row: Willie Marwick, Eric Muir, Peter MacKinlay?, Edward Kelsall, Malcolm Wishart, Richard Cummings, Derek Farmer, David Guthrie, Richard Harvey, Leslie Linklater, ??, Brian Hay, David Wilson?
From Row: Louise Grant, Alison Mainland, Fiona Scott, Alison Lochhead, Denise Dunne, Susan MacLeay, Susan Dingwall, Sarah Laughton, Lorraine Harcus, Alison Leask
I hope I have got them right!
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Picture added on 16 February 2007
Back Row: second from right is Elaine Gibbons, second row: third from right is Ian Ross, I remember the lass back row third from left but can't remember her name.

Added by Calvin Reid on 19 February 2007
Back Row: second from the left is Debra, can't remember her second name - she was from the sooth! She wasn't with us long. My daughter's in P4 now...scarey.
Added by Alison Lochhead (now Hay) on 11 May 2007
Was the girl in the back row called Debra Farleigh?
Added by Bruce Moar on 14 February 2008
That's right, you're spot on Bruce. Flippin eck, nothing progressive about the decay of your old brain then.
Added by Alison Hay on 14 February 2008
That sure does rings a bell Bruce, think you're right.
Added by Calvin Reid on 14 February 2008
That's Ian Ross between Leslie and Brian too.
That's the lot isn't it?
Added by Alison Hay on 15 February 2008
Found her name and class in a couple of old Starlings.
Added by Bruce Moar on 15 February 2008
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