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Mansie Flaws and the Shalder
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Mansie Flaws and the Shalder

Mansie Flaws emerging from the wheelhouse of the Shalder as preparations were being made before getting under way from Rousay pier bound for Tingwall.
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Picture added on 16 February 2007
Is that Frank Harris Sr (the magician) on Mansies left?
Added by R Gregory on 21 January 2008
You are correct. Frank was a member of the Magic Circle and put on occasional shows for the local bairns. He lived at Yorville, Rousay with his wife May.
Added by Max Fletcher on 23 January 2008
Thanks Max
Thought it was. I remember him performing magic tricks for us in the early 80's and being quite amazed at "how he did it". This was at a similar time to him (Frank) being refused permission to drive backwards, blindfolded through Thurso or similar. Any way, I also remember Mansie fondly, spending some time with him as I accompanied my step-father (Dr Pearson) on inter-island visits, and also following the sailing club around Wyre as they "did" the round Wyre race (again in the 80's). Last saw Mansie well over 10 years ago, at his house in Kirkwall, sadly only a few months before he died.
Added by Richard Gregory on 19 May 2008
Mansie & his wife Mari did me the very great honour of travelling 'Sooth' to attend my wedding in Dumfries in June 1984. They were guests of my Mother, Grace Flaws. She and my late Father, James Flaws (d.1983) had received from them kinship and the Orkney welcome & hospitality during various holidays in the years previous, and remained good friends thereafter. Mansie & Mari visited numerous relatives of mine and other friends on their long car journey and I believe various cattle auctions too. I well remember Mansie's car boot resembling a well-stocked larder and hearing that gifts of poultry, fish or beef (and the odd bottle of whisky!) were given to hosts & hostesses in the various family homes where they stayed overnight. Mum (now 84) speaks of them both often and they are fondly remembered as two very special people.

Added by Stuart Flaws (Ayrshire) on 15 October 2011
Stuart - A message from a member of the Flaws family here in Orkney: The Mansie you speak of is Mansie Flaws of Nisthouse, Evie - a cousin of the Mansie Flaws who is pictured above! A fine tribute to members of the Flaws family all the same.
Added by Max Fletcher on 18 October 2011
Could it be that Stuart has mistaken this Mansie for his cousin Mansie. Mansie the boatman was married to Molly, and his cousin Mansie the farmer wifes name was indeed Marie.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 18 October 2011
Max, Gordie & all concerned -
You know, the day after I posted my comment, I was on a ferry going over to see a construction project on Isle of Bute in the Firth of Clyde, casually looking at a cattle float on deck, when I realised exactly what you are pointing out. I got to thinking about Mansie the ferryman and Mansie the farmer, and the penny dropped! A quick mobile phone call to Mum (Grace Flaws) in Dunblane, where she now bides, confirmed all. Although I had never met Mansie in the photo and his wife Molly, I had heard much about them from my parents' wide travels and great experiences while on Summer holidays in the Orkneys during the late 1970's and early 80's. Mansie the ferryman (whom I believe bore a resemblance to his farming cousin) had of course entertained them on the 'deck fiddle' and great hospitality was given on Wyre, Molly as ever the perfect cook & baker. Special boat and car sightseeing trips were also laid on for the kin folk from the Sooth. Mum kept in touch with Mansie & Molly after they retired to Kirkwall and speaks warmly of their memory. She sends her best wishes to all friends on the Orkneys, and asked me to make special mention of Elsie and her late husband, Andrew Spence (the 'water man') from Birsey, who were close pals of Mansie & Marie Flaws.
I trust this puts the record straight - if not, let me know!
Added by Stuart Flaws (Ayrshire) on 22 October 2011
The guy on the far left in this photo is John Inkster, eldest son of John (Jolk) and Dorothy Inkster nee Mainland
Added by Helga Tait on 27 November 2014
For the benefit of any Orkney kin folk who remember her, my Mother, Grace Flaws from Dunblane in Perthshire (referred to above) passed away peacefully on 13th February this year, after a short illness. She was 88, a few months short of her 89th birthday. My Sister, Sheila was shortly afterwards in touch with Marie Flaws (above), who kindly sent messages of sympathy.
Added by Stuart Flaws (Ayrshire) on 15 May 2015
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