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South Walls Primary School
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South Walls Primary School

Date is an estimate, can anyone help with names and date?
Back row L to R
Ethel Gunn,? Sylvia Taylor, Alan Isbister,? ? Sammy Isbister, Sheila Gunn,
Middle Row
Alan Besant, David Groat, John Besant, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Front Row
Margaret Sutherland, Doreen Budge, Marjory Stout, ? James Baillie, ? ? ?
I have another photo on the site with some of the same pupils in it looking a bit older so my date on that photo must be wrong. I would say it should be 1955/56
Picture added on 14 February 2007
Here is the correct line up of the photo
Back Row: Ethel Gunn, Ailsa Thomson, Sylvia Taylor, Ronnie Sinclair, Freddy Tait, Frankie Nelson, Stewart Flett
Middle Row: Alan Besant, David Groat, John Besant, Val Foubister, Norma Flett, Ella Gunn, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, Kathleen Nelson, Ida Groat, Andrew Dunnett, Donald Sutherland
Front Row: Kathleen Harcus, Doreen Budge, Marjorie Stout, Sheila Groat, Jim Baillie, Jessie Sutherland, Moira Craigie, Lillian Groat
Added by Moira Kent (Craigie) on 15 February 2007
Should read Doreen Kikpatrick not Kathleen
Added by John Budge on 16 February 2007
Sorry I made a mistake in the middle row it should read Doreen Kirkpatrick and not Kathleen
Added by Moira Kent (Craigie) on 16 February 2007
Back far right is Sheila Gunn ?
Added by John Budge on 16 February 2007
I got a few names wrong! Margaret Sutherland, Alan & Sammy Isbister were away to the secondary school when this photo was taken.
Anonymous comment added on 16 February 2007
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