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Manson Family - The Stoop
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Manson Family - The Stoop

Manson Family - The Stoop, Longhope 1895

My Grandmother Jessie Manson (on the left) was born in Jan 1891 and my Gt Aunt Mary born in Nov 1893, so I'm guessing this photograph taken at the Stoop dates around 1895.
Picture added on 14 January 2010 at 00:03

I recently was advised a relative of mine (John Alec Johnston) went to Canada and stayed with a Davy Manson while there... John Alec and family also from the South Walls area..would you know the story or Davy's travels probably early in the 1910's as a guess?

Added by Richard Johnston on 21 March 2010
Mary, as a distant relative of the Mansons, through the Davidsons, perhaps you you could email me at HMacke1072@aol.com
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 22 March 2010
This John Alec Johnstone that Richard speaks of here,would this be a brother of (Engeneer Bob) and (Coxwain Fred)?.
If Richard is correct about John Alec being a reletive of his, then Donald Johnston (Burnhouse)Richard,s Gt Grandfather, is indeed the same Johnston's as Fred and Bob?.
Can Private Investigator!! Fred Johnston comment on this one.
Added by John Budge on 23 March 2010
Quit spelling Johnston with an e on the end John. That's the Sassenach way of spelling it. A different class of beast entirely. John Alec was indeed Bob and Fred's eldest brother, but I do not think that the above Davy Manson was the one John Alec worked for when he went out to Canada, although I cannot be sure. There was also a Davy Manson, who lived at the Haven in Brims and it was very likely to be one of his relatives. Again, not sure and both of John Alec's sons have passed away.
Added by Fred Johnston. on 23 March 2010
Sorry Fred I have already hin me fingers rapped for this, hids as I explained tae Audrey wae Budge hivan an E, hid jist comes automatic miby I shuld drop the E and call meesell Budg!!.
Added by John Budge on 24 March 2010
I thought the English dropped the t :-)
Added by Beryl Simpson on 29 March 2010
For Mary:
There was a John Johnston born abt 1898 in Orkney who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada in April 1928. He sailed from Glasgow on the ship Tunisian leaving from Glasgow. If you want to give me your e-mail address I can send you a copy of his declaration if this is the correct John. He gives his fathers name as James
Added by Willie Sinclair on 11 January 2011
For Mary:
If this is not him, I have a copy of a marriage cert for a John Alexander Johnstone from Longhope who married a Jane Campbell on 15 Feb 1916 in Canada. His parents were Alexander and Margaret Johnston.
Added by Willie Sinclair on 11 January 2011
Willie, Cpt Fred is your man again on this one, I do remember Engineer Bob speaking of John Alex,dont know if he was a brother or an uncle of his and Fred but Fred jun, will sort hid out. Freddie is the font of all knowledge with Brims families.
Added by John Budge on 18 January 2011
If these folk were told to 'watch the birdie' there must have been quite a flock in the vicinity.
Anonymous comment added on 20 January 2011
I am sure that the John Alec Johnston described by Willie Sinclair is my father and Bob O Brimsness's late brother. If I remember rightly, he was married to a Jane Campbell, who died when their two boys were small. John Alec's sister Jessabel and her husband Sandy Windwick helped to bring them up.
Added by Fred Johnston on 20 January 2011
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