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Early hire-car experience
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Early hire-car experience

My hired Ford Corsair at the Earl's Palace Birsay 1967. It came complete with a case of oil cans. I added 1 pint each day!
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Picture added on 11 January 2010 at 17:02
I had ane jist like it, shae took tae the shaakin at 40mph and only came oot o hid at 60mph something tae doo wae slack trackrod ends!! Never did get tae the buddum o hid. Fine car fur coortin in though. No comments aboot ends!!
Added by John Budge on 11 January 2010
Have narrowed the vehicle down to one of three (none of which were on our hire fleet) BS7245 Ermine White/Aqua Blue, BS7283 Ermine White/Aqua Blue and BS7284 Ermine White/Platinum Grey.In black and white form it looks more like White/Grey making it BS7284
Added by David Tullock on 12 January 2010
David, the Corsair I had I think was owned by Ken Ross's dad- was he a Customs man at the Highland Park? Shae wiz maroon and cream and had a straight four engine. Some had V four engines. The number wiz BS 7--- something and may hiv been a 1600cc. No doot you will ken the car, tae me hid wiz jist anither tae try an keep goan!!.
Oh and shae burnt oot valves asweel, o the horrors are all comman back tae me noo!!.
Must go an sit in a dark room fur a peedie while!!.
Added by John Budge on 16 January 2010
If memory serves me right the hired car was white and aqua blue and the name Tullock rings a big bell. I was pulled over one day in Kirkwall by PC Cowie and had to take my licence to the police station the next day. The desk sergeant asked who had booked me. When I told him he replied "Aye. Well he's new here from Scotland. Thanks for calling and enjoy the rest of your holiday"
Added by Roy Adams on 24 January 2010
Hi there,
I am compiling a database of all 1500cc Corsairs I come across. I would very thankful for any further info any of you could supply on any of the above vehicles. Any further photographs would be gratefully received.
Best regards
Added by Paul Phillips on 02 May 2010
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