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Kirkwall Pier
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Kirkwall Pier

Date is a guess,1932, definitely before World War 11. I think the ship is the "S.S.Orcadia" at berth alongside the Pier. The photo is dull, anyone out there who knows how to enhance it, get in touch with me. Added by Phil Brough.

[Phil, I can help you out, and recommend that anyone who hasn't edited a picture before to try this themselves and have a bit of fun.

This is the kind of thing you would do in Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro, or Photo Plus etc. but many people do not have this on their computers, and the programs are rather daunting at first anyway. However, there is an excellent online photo and picture editing package called Pixlr, available at http://www.pixlr.com which is just the trick, and can can do picture resizing, cropping and a huge range of editing functions, and also handily has an express version which is far easier to use and can cover the basics very well.

To edit your picture-
1) Visit the link I've just given, and select Pixlr Express.
2) You'll be prompted to 'Open Image From Computer', so click that button and browse for the picture you want to edit on your computer. It will then open in Pixlr.
3) Select 'Adjustments' from the options on the left, which will expand to show what adjustments you can make.
4) 'Brightness and Contrast' are what you are after, so whap up the contrast a bit, then increase the brightness a bit to get something with an appropriate balance.
5) Experiment
6) When you are happy with the picture click 'Apply' then the 'Done' button at the bottom.
7) You'll be prompted to click 'Save' - do that, BUT SAVE WITH A DIFFERENT FILENAME OR YOU WILL OVERWRITE YOUR ORIGINAL. Work with a copy of the image from the start if this is a concern.
8) Bob's your uncle.

A whole new world of interesting activity has now been opened...!

Steven ]
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Picture added on 02 December 2009 at 14:22
I dont think this is the " Orcadia ".It looks a bit like the stern of the " Amelia ", but that is only a guess.
Added by Fred Johnston. on 02 December 2009
the vessel is NOT Orcadia // see foto of Orcadia salvaging kathleen anne // stern is NOT Orcadia whose stern is nearest to KATHLEEN ANNE // looks like Sigurd in which I sailed many years ago // morris pottinger of whitehall,stronsay, // also many years ago //
Added by Morris Pottinger on 03 December 2009
I think this is NOT the Orcadia // stern is NOT that of the foto of the Orcadia towing the Kathleen Ann // the funnel does NOT have paint of yellow below with a black upper band of the Thorfinn and Sigurd // I sailed in both the Earls long time ago // I think it is the stern of the Earl Sigurd // morris pottinger of Whitehall, Long Time Ago too !!! //
Added by Morris Pottinger on 03 December 2009
You're right Fred,it looks like the"Amelia" stern and Funnel.It's lying at a berth that she normally never used.Added by Phil Brough.
Anonymous comment added on 04 December 2009
I will have to go with you on this Morris! If you worked on both the "Earls'" you would certainly know what they looked like, it was only a guess on my part.T hanks for keeping me right on this Morris. P.S.were you by any chance a relation of "Teenie( Pottinger) Hibbert,married name!.I know she had relations in both Stronsay and Westray. She was our neighbour at Ayre Houses for many years. Added by Phil Brough.
Anonymous comment added on 06 December 2009
changed my mind on ship from Sigurd to Amelia which I did not know // the foto shows a derrick at stern which Sigurd did not have // the funnel is narrower and a bit higher though it has the black band of Orkney Steam Co at the top which was on Sigurd and Thorfinn // the stern is not quite right for Sigurd // so will go with Amelia but NOT Orcadia // morris pottinger, formerly of Whitehall, Stronsay// re comment of 6th December, 2009 from anonymous "Teenie Pottinger" was not a near relation though there was a family of pottinger in stronsay other than ourselves, William Pottinger and his son John //
Added by Morris Pottinger on 08 December 2009
If the date of the photo is a guess, what about the "Countess of Bantry" which was disposed of by the Orkney Steam Coy in or about 1928?
Added by T Tullock on 09 December 2009
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