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Orkney Sub-Division of Northern Constabulary
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Orkney Sub-Division of Northern Constabulary

Orkney Sub-Division of Northern Constabulary c.1979

Back row: ? , PC Stewart Irvine, PC(later Sgt.) Billy Mackenzie, ? , ? , PC Ian Williamson, ? , PC (later Insp.) Hilary Hansen.
Middle row: ? , PC David Hill, ? , PC (later Sgt.) Graham Chalmers, Mrs. Jennifer Irvine (wife of Stewart Irvine), ? , Mrs. Mel Neish, ? , Cadet (later Insp.)Richard MacAulay, ?
Front row: Det. Sgt. John Miller, Sgt.(later Insp.) Jimmy Moar, Sgt. Harry Garriock, Insp. Victor Clouston, Chief Insp. George Mackenzie, Sgt. ? , Sgt. (later Ch.Insp.) Norman Logie, Sgt. ? , Det. Cons. Eddy Ross.
A couple of the 'unknowns' I vaguely recognise but memory fails me as to their names. Can anyone help?
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Picture added on 05 October 2009 at 16:02
Sgt Billy Peace, fourth from right, front row.
Anonymous comment added on 05 October 2009
Bottom 4th right is Billy Peace.
Added by Liz Firth on 05 October 2009
Back Row: PC Jim Kirkness, PC Stewart Irvine, PC Billy Mackenzie, PC Graeme Askew, PC Donald Ferrier, PC Ian Williamson, PC Bill Leslie, PC Hilary Hansen
Middle Row: Jimmy Fraser (station handyman/cleaner) PC Davy Hill, PC Martin Bennis, PC Graham Chalmers, Jennifer Irvine, Lynda Firth, Mel Neish, ?, Cadet Richard MacAulay, PC Dougie Reid
Front Row: Det. Sgt. John Miller, Sgt. Jimmy Moar, Sgt. Harry Garriock, Insp. Victor Clouston, Chief Inspector Allan MacLeod (not Mackenzie) Sgt. Billy Peace, Sgt. Norman Logie, Sgt. Bob Mackay, Det. Cons. Eddy Ross

Added by Eddy Ross on 05 October 2009
PC James Kirkness (Top Left)
Added by S.Taylor on 05 October 2009
I cannot recognise all of the ? but I can name a few.
Back row 1st Jim Kirkness, 5th Adrian Askew, 7th Bill Leslie.
Middle row 1st Jimmy Fraser (Caretaker),6th Mrs Linda Firth (taught me the workings of the front office),
Front row 6th Sgt Billy Peace, 8th Robert MacKay (my cousin)

Added by John Foulis on 06 October 2009
1st.left ,back row,Jim Kirkness. Middle row, next to Mel Neish,on her right hand side, Linda Laughton, now Mrs.John Firth, front row, on the right hand side of Norman Logie, is Sgt.Billy Peace. Added by Phil Brough.
Added by Phil Brough on 06 October 2009
Looks like Jimmy Kirkness back row on the left.

Added by Beryl Simpson on 06 October 2009
I recognise my great Uncle Sergeant George Molyneux (deceased) on the front row next to the Chief Inspector. His wife Dorrie (my grand dads sister) died a little while ago. They were lovely folk.
Added by Jim Sutherland on 06 October 2009
I guess that I stand corrected but my great uncle George Molyneux was a sergeant in Kirkwall for many years and Billy Peace seems to look like him.
Regards Jim
Added by Jim Sutherland on 06 October 2009
I stand corrected - it is Graeme Askew (not Adrian)
Added by John Foulis on 07 October 2009
Thanks folks for the updates. I stand corrected Eddy - I should have recognised Allan Macleod. Still can't identify the figure between Richard MacAulay and Mel though.
Added by Dave Dawson on 08 October 2009
Chief Inspector MacLeod left Kirkwall for Inverness in June or July 1979, and was replaced by Ch Insp Geo MacKenzie.

I moved up in August 1979, by which time Billy Peace had retired.

Sorry but I cannot ID the officer between Mel and Richard either. Must have left before I arrived.

Jimmy Moar and Stewart Irvine were at Stromness, Martin Bennis at Longhope.

None of the officers in the photograph are still serving.
Added by Dave Conner on 28 October 2009
The policeman beside Mel and Richard is Steven Brown if my memory serves me correctly. He was a probationary constable at the time and did not complete his two year probationary service.
Added by Eddy Ross on 31 October 2009
Was the caretaker Jimmy Fraser in the police , I think there was a Jimmy Fraser stationed in Longhope many years ago, seem to remember he played the fiddle left handed, think he maybe made fiddles too,can anybody remember him in longhope
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 02 November 2009
I can remember Jimmy Fraser playing the fiddle on the Lyness pier one New Year way back in the early 60's as the Hoy head set off.
Jimmy's wife was the district nurse in Longhope. I think they had one of those bubble cars, not much room in it for a tall policeman!
Added by Beryl Simpson on 04 November 2009
There was a Jimmy Fraser in the police in Orkney at one time, but the caretaker Jimmy ws not him. I may be wrong, but was the policeman Jimmy Fraser, not a brother of big Willie Fraser who worked at Scapa Distillery?
Added by Alastair on 06 November 2009
My Brother Douggie Reid retired from the Police in 2007 and has spent a lot of time since sailing his yacht on his world tour. Google Swiftwing for details. Graeme Chalmers retired in August 2009 and was the last of the group to retire. As a coincidence, I served in Orkney from 1982 to 1986 and still return several times a year to visit the outlaws!
Added by Neil Reid on 23 November 2009
I recognise my father in the middle row, this is the year I was born!
Added by Jamie on 14 July 2012
The unidentified officer in middle row between Mel Neish and Richard MacAulay is PC Steve Brown
Added by Bill Leslie on 21 July 2012
Jimmy Fraser of Longhope retired from the police before this photo was taken. He latterly resided opposite the police station in Stromness and worked at the airport in Kirkwall in charge of security.
Added by Douglas Reid on 27 November 2013
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