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Jimmick o Mirland
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Jimmick o Mirland

James SC Johnstone ( Jimmick O Mirland)with a friend ( can anyone add the full names of gentleman on the right)

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Picture added on 11 September 2009 at 10:48
The man on the right is Ronald Foubister of Garth, Deerness. ( i.e.Ronald o' Gert)
Added by Norma Campbell (nee Laughton) on 11 September 2009
Looks like Ronald Foubister of Garth
Added by N A Charlton on 11 September 2009
Me mither Merrick o Holland used tae recite the names o the Johnstones o Mirland, Jeemie, Willie, Robbie, Jock. Davie, Archie, Peter, Dod. Katie, Mary, Betty, Jeanie, Addie, Ellen, Bell.
Added by Ron Marwick on 11 September 2009
the man in this photo is
Ronald Foubister Garth Deerness
Added by Ian Tulloch on 11 September 2009
its not Ronnie Barker tv star ?
Added by Dougie Manson on 11 September 2009
Ronald O Gert?
Anonymous comment added on 11 September 2009
The man on the right is Ronnie Barker is it no?
Added by MAM111 on 12 September 2009
Hi Stewart

Ronald Foubister from Garth in Deerness is the man alongside your grandfather

Colin Wylie
Added by Colin Wylie on 12 September 2009
I think that is Ronald Foubister
Added by Hazel on 13 September 2009
Yes the gentleman on the right is Ronald Foubister of Garth in Deerness, known locally as Ronald o' Gairt.
Added by Kenny Ritch on 14 September 2009
I think the gentleman is my uncle Ronald Foubister, Garth Deerness, and may have been taken at the Geo.
Added by Moira Scott on 15 September 2009
I think it is Ronnie Barker just finished his porridge
Added by Jimmy Johnston on 15 September 2009
Can anyone tell me about the "curse of the hard hands" some of the Johnstones were afflicted with please.
Brenda, you may find something of interest in the comments on picture #24280. Googling 'Mermaid's curse' or 'palmoplantar keratosis' may come up with something but there doesn't seem to be a lot 'out there' about the Orkney (specifically Stronsay) connection.
Added by Ian Hourston on 10 February 2014
Thanks so much for the link, Ian.I only heard about this condition last week from a cousin who knew a couple of the family who had it.
Added by Brenda Alexander on 11 February 2014
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