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Tom Brass's Shop
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Tom Brass's Shop

Peter writes:
'Interesting to see how narrow Union Street actually was before Brass's shop was demolished.

Date unknown...this was just another 120 snap in a tin box. Any ideas regarding date???'
Picture added on 02 August 2004
I think this picture is well after 1935. I was brought up at the house across the road from Brass's shop from 1948. The road has been widened at the right side [done around the 1950s before they widened it again in the 1960s] as there used to be a gate between our house and the wall which jutted out and the gate lay at a 45' angle to the house wall. Also the wall right down union street on that side is the newer wall and not the old original one. the pavement right in front of the house is also narrower than it was before the 1960s. there's also no sign of the old hand water pump across the road outside brass's shop.
Added by Marion McLeod on 04 August 2004
Hey Marion,

My dad used to "jam" with Tom Brass. Tom played clarinet and my dad played trumpet.

Do you remember Magnus, his son? We were deeply embarrased. Lol.

If you continue to the left of the photo for a couple of hundred meters, you will arrive at 29 Main Street where I spent most of my childhood.

I remember pilfering the small change my parents gave me on Sunday (for Sunday School collection at Patterson Church).

I spent it on Wagonwheels and Bounty Bars at Brass's shop on Monday.

Even as a kid, I did not trust organised religion, and did not wish to subsidise it.
Added by Gillies Buchan on 30 November 2004
I used to live next door at no 3.My granny lived next door at no5, her name was Kitty Moar and her sister Ruby owned both houses.They used to keep lodgers there.We lived there 1956-60 and i vaguely remember Brass's shop as being very dark inside.
Added by Laurence Norquay on 12 January 2007
Gillies Buchan lived next door to us in Main Street My father was also Gillies. Remember baby-sitting Gillies along with Enid Wilson. We lived at 23. Hercus was my surname.
Added by Joey Tait on 27 May 2009
Magnus Brass was in my class from Primary 5 till 6th year. I last saw him when he was up for a class reunion in 1993.
Added by Barbara Johnston on 02 June 2009
Brass's and Gorie's on Broad Street reeked of ground coffee - who drank it then?
Added by W. G. Miller on 05 June 2009
Coffee! not exclusively, but mainly, the 'county' folk although those who had travelled further afield than the Pentland Firth did have a taste for proper coffee. I have a hand turned coffee grinder that must date from the late 19th century when K&G was simply James Kirkness, although it has not been used for probably 100 years. I might try it out!
Added by Bruce K Gorie on 30 July 2015
Though not always pleased to be sent 'to get the messages' as a boy in Stromness in the 1940s, I didn't mind going to William Leslie's when ground coffee was on the list. He would bring out the container of roasted beans (how recently roasted I've no idea but they had a good aroma) tip a well-judged quantity into the grinder and tell me to ca' the handle. As the ground beans poured into the paper bag the aroma became more intense, and I've loved it ever since.
Added by Ian Hourston on 10 August 2015
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