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KGS class 1959
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KGS class 1959

date estimate

Front left Christine Swanney(Butler),in front of teacher Jim Rosie,back row 6th from right Rognvald Cook
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Picture added on 26 April 2009
At the back row I think I see Stephen Findlay, Norrie Rendall, Fraser Murray, Bobby Clunas, Eddie Ross and Billy Tait.
Added by Sumteeik on 27 April 2009
I know most people in the photo but have forgotten one or two.
Teacher - Miss Forbes
Back row: Wilson Learmonth, David Finlay, Norman Rendall, Arthur Eccles, Fraser Murray, James (?), Ronald Cook, Jimmy Higgins, Bobby Clunas, Edmund Ross, Billy Tait, John Cromarty.
Middle row: Jim Rosie, Kim Twatt, Marnie Kirkness, Edith Macdonald, Mary Cooper, ?, Elizabeth Croy, Sheila Laughton, Elizabeth Sclater, Sandra Bain, Laura Chirgwin, Irene Foubister.
Seated: Christine Swanney, ?, Ann ?, Margaret Grieve, Elizabeth Leslie, ?, ?, Sigrid Tait, Linda Shearer, Yvonne Leslie, Angela Finlayson, Anne Brodie
Added by Elizabeth Copp (Sclater) on 28 April 2009
I've just remembered that's Mary Mackintosh in between Mary Cooper and Elizabeth Croy in the middle row.
Added by Elizabeth Copp (Sclater) on 28 April 2009
I Think it's David Findlay, also in that row I have spotted Arthur Eccles and Jimmy Higgins. Among the girls I think are Elizabeth Slater, Laura Chirgwin, Yvonne Leslie and Angela Finlayson. Hopefully someone can supply a comprehensive list.
Added by Ian M Gibson on 28 April 2009
David Findlay ( Stephens brother)
Anonymous comment added on 29 April 2009
I think this is later than 1959 but, until I find my report card and see when Miss Forbes was our teacher, I can't put a definite date on it.
I'm second left, front row.
I can put names to most of the faces but, sorry, have forgotten a few. I'll leave it to see if someone else has a better memory than me.
Unless I wasn't told about it, our age group has never had a class reunion. I'm willing to lend a hand if others are interested in getting something arranged. I'll hit 60 in 2011 so most of the rest of us should be heading for that milestone as well.

Added by Ann Sutherland (nee Thomson) on 29 April 2009
Re the date - at this time I think school photos were done every three years. My Primary photos were done in 1954, 1957, 1960 so I think this one will be 1960.
Added by Ian M Gibson on 29 April 2009
Ann, if you are willing to organise a class reunion that would be great! I can't help as we now live in Keith but it would be so good to meet up again. We had Miss Forbes in Primary 5, so I suppose we would all be about 9. So that must make the photo 1960-61.

Elizabeth Copp (Sclater)
Added by Elizabeth Copp on 29 April 2009
Glad to see that I'm not the only one with a failing memory.
Hopefully, I can add a few more names to those already provided by Elizabeth :
Back row - I agree with Elizabeth
Middle row - Mary McIntosh is the missing name between Mary Cooper and Elizabeth Croy
Seated - Christine Swanney, myself, ??, Margaret Grieve, Elizabeth Leslie, Jean Drever, ??, Sigrid Tait, Linda Shearer, Yvonne Leslie, Angela Finlayson, Anne Brodie.
Added by Ann Sutherland (Thomson) on 29 April 2009
Miss Forbes was our teacher in primary 5 I think. Beside Elizabeth Leslie is Jean Drever and is that Ann Harcus beside me in the front row? A reunion sounds like a good plan!
Added by Margaret Gray (nee Grieve) on 29 April 2009
There now appears to be just one person to identify in this photo so I've been racking my brains (what's left of them) to think of the name of the girl sitting between Jean and Sigrid. Christine Harrold came to mind. Can anyone tell me if that is right?
Added by Ann Sutherland (Thomson) on 30 April 2009
Next to me ( Fraser Murray ) is James Nicolson Front row girls next to Christine Swanney is Anne Thomson ( I think ) and Anne Harcus, then next to Elizabeth Leslie is Jean Drever
Added by Fraser Murray on 30 April 2009
I would love to see you all again, a reunion in 2011 would be a great idea before we're all to old and dottled, I would help if need be.
Added by Bobby Clunas on 10 September 2009
Anyone out there willing to help with a reunion in 2011 give me a call on 01856701435 and we'll see if we can get something organised. Maybe meet up to make a start.
Added by Ann Sutherland on 15 September 2009
I found same photo in one of my late mother's photo albums and I think the actual date is 1961. My brother Norrie is in this class.
Added by Sylvia Leonard on 04 October 2009
Is that jean drever that lived in edinburgh with her mum dad and sister mary?
Added by Sheila Laing on 10 March 2010
Re Jean Drever - Jean has always lived in Orkney
Added by Fraser Murray on 16 March 2010
That's Mary Mackintosh immediately to the left of Elizabeth Croy. This photo must have been taken after January 1961, when my family left Kirkwall - and I've since ended up in Australia!!
Added by De Ayers (Deirdre Dunlop) on 29 March 2010
Does anyone know where Angela Finlayson is? I was at university with her.
Added by Pat McVean (nee Ross) on 02 February 2013
Yvonne Leslie & Ann Brodie, as repeats, joined the class that started at KGS in 1964, so they probably started in 1963. My best guess is that this was taken in 1964 when they were in the 2nd year.
Added by SG on 20 October 2014
Yvonne and I started school together and have birthdays within weeks of each other. We are, now, both 63 so I'm not sure how that fits with your comment SG.
Added by Ann Sutherland nee Thomson on 20 October 2014
Yvonne has found her school report and it shows that Miss Forbes was our teacher in 1960-61.
Added by Ann Sutherland nee Thomson on 20 October 2014
Angela Finlayson is second from the right in the front row, Pat McVean
Added by De Ayers on 20 October 2014
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