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British Legion Party
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British Legion Party

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Centre Jim (Crabbie) Harrison
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Picture added on 17 April 2009
Looks like a young Evan Wylie front row 3rd from the right.
Added by David Tullock on 21 April 2009
Is that Mrs.Meg Gordon to the left? Wife of Dr. Gordon and mother of Alistair Gordon.
Added by M. Gibson on 21 April 2009
Yes, that's mother on the left. Happy days. I don't recall going to the Legion for Christmas parties myself although we did go to ones at the Paterson and sometimes the Baptist Hall, where father dressed as Santa Claus usually managed to reduce at least one child to tears (of joy?)
Added by Alistair Gordon on 22 April 2009
Row with Jim Harrison - 2nd from end right looks like Helen Kelday [father worked in Croys Mens shop].
Added by Marion Mcleod on 22 April 2009
What a shock I got seeing myself 3rd row from top 4th one in from right with the
hideous floral jumper, you can say a blast from a long past, but fond memories.
Stewart Walls.
Added by STEWART WALLS on 23 April 2009
In Jim Harrison's row they could be L to R, Ruth Borwick, Maureen Cooper, Valerie Coltherd, ?, Jacqeline Swanney, Elizabeth Work, Ingrid Taylor, Maureen Linklater, Jim Harrison, Swanney, Christine Parkes, ?, ?, Helen Kelday, ?.
The middle three at the front look like Irene Swanney, Dorothy Taylor and Sandra Budge with Evan Wylie and the Payne twins on the end at the right. Fourth row from the front, second from right is Robert Wood and Alan Kelday back row, far right.
Added by Fiona Bain on 24 April 2009
Girl with cardigan 3rd to right of Jim Harrison, below her right elbow is Christine Swanney(Butler).
Added by Brian Butler on 24 April 2009
Girl wearing the glasses kneeling in the centre of the front row looks like Dorothy Taylor, second front row extreme right could be Jimmy Heddle and in the row with Jim Harrison, the girl 4th from his right arm is I think Jacqueline Wylie and not Swanney.
Added by David Tullock on 24 April 2009
I think that the girl 3rd row from bottom 3rd from left is Sylvia Eunson.
Added by Gwen Wright (Payne twin) on 23 May 2009
The lass wae glasses on & white cap is Janette Laird.
Anonymous comment added on 11 January 2013
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