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Picture added on 20 November 2006
Is there names or is that a secret? :)
Added by G. Bruce Moar on 20 November 2006
I could tell you Bruce but I'd have to kill you! Seriously, it's afore my time but I think that's Billy Jolly wae the beard standing tae the left side o picture. The late George Donaldson is sitting in front row third fae right wae his wife Catherine on his right. George was Master of Kirkwall Lodge from 1972 - 1974. Ian Argo standing fourth fae right on back row.
Added by Ian Robertson on 20 January 2007
Jim & Barbara Tait - front row far right. Is that not Gordie on Ian Argo's right and leaning forward to hae a yap?
Added by John Foulis on 21 January 2007
Front row seated L-R Mr & Mrs G Christie, Mr & Mrs Ned Stove, Mr & Mrs D D Marwick, Mr & Mrs G Donaldson, Mr & Mrs J Tait.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 21 January 2007
Next to Ian Argo (immediately below the microphone )is the late Arthur Cooper from Stromness and immediately in front of him his late wife Bella.
Added by David Tullock on 21 January 2007
Rita and Allie Kirkness next to Maggie Inkster
Added by Wendy Flett on 18 March 2007
John Robert Esslemont, Millhouse, Sandwick extreme right.
Added by Edwin Rendall on 20 March 2007
To the right of Billy Jolly in front of the stage is the late Bob Shearer with his wife Peggy in front. Bob worked for the County and always drove the snowplough. To the far left standing side on is, I think, Claire Flett nee Tulloch.
Added by Barbara West on 17 June 2007
Extreme left with the strippy sleeves on her dress is the late Margaret Breck
Added by Rae Phillips on 22 May 2009
I stand corrected, Rae. On reflection, Clare is too young to have been there!
Added by Barbara West on 30 May 2009
Third woman from the left wearing glasses and dark dress is Bella Mowat from Scorne Marwick Birsay
Added by Fred Breck on 28 October 2011
Dark-haired woman wearing glasses and dark dress with arms folded to left of Margaret Breck looks like the late Ina Tait,side on next to her Ingrid Jolly?, Billy Jolly, Bob Shearer, Edwin Merriman, Sandy Elrick sometime of Quean, Harray(Annie,his wife in front), Gordon Peterson, Ian Argo, Arthur Cooper,The late Jimmy Clouston,sometime of Braehead,Birsay.The woman sitting in the next row,between Peggy Shearer and Annie Elrick is(I think)Jimmy Clouston`s wife.
Added by Rankine .Firth on 13 January 2015
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