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Wrecked boat, Herston, South Ronaldsay.
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Wrecked boat, Herston, South Ronaldsay.

Its been a while since I was last in Herston, the last time most of the wooden hull of this boat was clearly visable. I have a photograph which I took a few years ago which I will post if I can find it.I have been told the wreck is that of the "Monarch" but I know nothing more about it.

Is it true that Herston came about as it was originally a herring station?

I have never seen any old photographs of the village with herring boats or just vintage photos of the village itself and I would be interested to see any if anyone has some.
Picture added on 17 October 2006
When I was in Herston in the early 80's, Sandy Annal told me that the boat was his & that he had purchased it for salvage in Aberdeen & took it home to Herston to be broken up. When I saw it, they were just beginning to break the hull up for firewood (he said). He also told me that the ship had been built in Chicago, Illinois, USA towards the end of the first world war as a mine sweeper (hence the wooden hull.)
Added by Stephen Budge on 26 December 2007
If you want to see the boat as she was in 1984, check out the Eurythmics song here comes the rain again on youtube (or any other video based site)as the video for this song was filmed in and around Herston and on Hoy.Its even worth a look just to say you have. Who knows what house it was filmed in?
Added by Dave Marwick on 30 December 2007
Dave, I thought it was this boat when I saw the video, but kind of assumed since the rest was on Hoy so must have been the boat. I think I saw it for the first time in about 1987, I have a photograph from 2003 and then around 2005 a large chink of it was washed across the bay in a storm.
Added by Tom, Derby. on 27 January 2008
Another version from Sandy Annal... The monarch was built at Lake Superior by women. It supplied the fleet with tatties. She lay at Duncans' for a time where they took some bits off her, a gale did further damage to her keel. John Laird towed her round to Herston with the Hoy Head. The tow cost £2. John Wylie got chains etc. from the boat.
I have heard that Herston was indeed a herring fishing station with as many as thirty to forty fishing boats using the curing station. The village was built in the early part of the 19th. Century. In the 1841 Census there were 12 fishermen, 2 carpenter/boatbuilders and three coopers living in the village.
Added by Herbert Mackenzie on 11 February 2009
Click to View In this picture taken in possibly the 1960's, is that the Monarch on the foreshore?

Added by Stephen on 15 February 2009
I have just uploaded a photo of the boat as she was in 1993, when substantially more of the hull remained.
Added by Michael Sharpe on 11 November 2013
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