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The Altar - South Ronaldsay
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The Altar - South Ronaldsay

This photo was taken this summer, I am told that this fantastic rock formation is known as 'The Altar'. It is just up the field and along the cliff from the old kirk at Widewall Bay, before you get to Herston. I have shown this photo to a lot of folk who had no idea it was there, so thought I would put it on the site as a matter of interest.
Picture added on 03 October 2006
Harrabrough Head it is also known as. I have been fishing there once but it was difficult to climb down. There was an old metal post sunk into the group at the end of the outermost rock outcrop on the seaward side and someone tied a rope to it to get down....very difficult with a fishing rod and gear. We also had to walk along the edge of the cliff along the narrow bit you see to the right to get onto the rock.
Added by Craig Taylor on 04 October 2006
Craig, As the local Coastguard Sector man my heart was in my mouth when I read your comment. From day to day I sit here in my office thinking all is right within the sector, but all the time folk are taking risks around the coast.WoW!
Added by Ian MacDonald on 04 October 2006
Like I said Ian, I only went there once, around 5-6 years ago. It was with two others, one of whom had been there many times before and had experience in the area.....not that that makes any difference if anything went wrong I suppose. I decided it was not worth the risk going back to fish and the only time I ever went back to to photograph it from the fields close by!
Added by Craig Taylor on 04 October 2006
Very beautiful. A lot like Newfoundland. Tina you can e-mail me if you get this. I lost touch with you a few years back. would love to hear from you again.
Added by Wavey Lane on 20 July 2007
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South Ronaldsay

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