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Orem's Fancy, Stronsay.
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Orem's Fancy, Stronsay.

Picture added on 28 December 2008
Always wondered what that house was called Uncle Bill lined it up many a time myself when steering the Nora through the east entry under the guidance of Grandpa.
Added by Clive Miller on 24 March 2009
I remember my Grandfather being quoted on his navigation of the East Entry any moons ago. He was Jock Fiddler, sailing the Zephyr, piloting ships in the fishing time and delivering mails to Auskerry. His navigation aid was "Stickler's lum ower Orem's Fancy" as they came in through the East Entry.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 24 March 2009
Hello there.
I'm coming up to Orkney over Easter for a touring holiday.
While I'm up there I was hoping to find out a bit of information on Orem's Fancy (Stronsay) and in particular Lady Orem for a magazine feature's article.
Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of where I might be able to find out some information and who I might be able to talk to?

Added by Caro Hamilton on 07 April 2009
I used to go to Orems Fancy to play with Harry Rendall when i was about 10. His brother Robbie also stayed ther, and a sister, But i dont mind her name
Added by Tom Anderson on 06 October 2010
My dad was Harry Rendall. I knew he came from Stronsay, but didn't know about Orem's Fancy. He was the youngest of 12, born in 1924. The sister mentioned is most likely my Aunty Mina, born 1916, living in Kirkwall. Robbie was around a year older than Mina.
Added by Neil Rendall on 06 November 2010
Bertha, Im, sure you remember Jock Smith who ran the school bus,well Jock owned the "Zepher" for a short time,sadly Jock lost his life when he sliped between her and his dingy, Billy Mowat was with him that night and only just survived by being a hardy fit young man.
The Zepher was sold to Mr Tim Harcus fae Westray Tim fished wae her and now she lies at Hatston Slip,she must be quite an age now.
Added by John Budge on 08 November 2010
I don't think I remember Jock Smith, but I SO remember the Zephyr. My grandfather had her made longer, and she was part of my life when I was a kid. After she was sold I lost track of her, but I did see her in the Basin years ago and discovered that at that time she belonged to my former boss, Donald McInnes. He sold her on and bought the Aurora, if I remember rightly.
Added by Bertha Fiddler on 12 November 2010
The Zepher was owned by Bill Kelday Jnr late 1940s/50s
Anonymous comment added on 12 November 2010
Zepher in her early days was lengthened
Anonymous comment added on 13 November 2010
Correction it was Tim Stout not Tim Harcus who bought the Zepher after Jock Smith lost his life.
Another case o me fingers workan afore me brain!!.
Added by John Budge on 16 November 2010
I think the Zepher was sold to Tim Stout fae Westray and not Tim Harcus.
Added by Ernie Rendall on 16 November 2010
Anyone know where she is now?
(Bill Kelday's son). Th x
Added by Stuart Kelday on 30 September 2013
Lying derlict near Hatston slip
Added by Bob Kelday on 05 October 2013
There is a Zephyr lying at Hatston slip ( on the grass) now
Added by Phonebill@btinternet,com on 05 October 2013
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