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Lyness Kirk
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Lyness Kirk

Beryl writes:
'Church across the road from North Walls School. I do not remember it in use but maybe someone knows about its past.'
Picture added on 02 May 2006
This was used by Dominic Cherrelli?? as a workshop. The bell in the tower was a bell from one of the scuttled german battleships. Wonder where it went when Dominic took over?
Added by William Watters on 08 October 2006
I was only once in it, and it was Davy Spence and Janices wedding..
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 31 July 2011
Hid wis in 'regular' (infrequent) use up to at least the 1960's when Charles Abel wis the Minister for the island - the Melsetter (Melster) Kirk?
Added by David Watters on 02 August 2011
I can mind being in it a few times at sunday school must have been just before the war. I think we were given "Morning Rays" a leaflet for the starters. The older ones got a different one the name of which I cant remember!!(old age) Ithink that Sunday School was stopped during the war .Even daily school was suspended for a time . Iremember our teacher coming round our homes giving out lessons for us during this time.
Added by Clive Thomson on 03 August 2011
It is now the most wonderfull house with a living area at the topend ( three floors,) and a very large lounge in the other part, the owners have done it in a most tastfull way still retaining its look and not spoiling it in any way.
Added by John Budge on 05 August 2011
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