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Kirkwall school class c. 1966
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Kirkwall school class c. 1966

Date a guess. Is this Einar again?
Picture added on 18 April 2006
Bruce Moar send this and the Einar football photo in, when I showed him these and others at work. This photo is a 1960s KGS class photo, when either 3AL or 4AL about 1967. I can provide all the names, if you'd like them. [Administrator says: Please do, and the names of the people in the team photo- just send it as a comment]
Added by Brian Budge on 17 May 2006
Back: David Towrie, Robin Harcus, Peter Tait, David Swales, Robert Mooney, Robert Grieve, Robert Mack, George Gray, Edgar Muir.
Middle: Ronald Johnston, Erlend Tait, Hamish Sutherland, Brian Budge, Jean Foubister, Judith Martin, Moira Wick, Lindsay Robertson, Andrew Miller.
Front: Judith Martin, Rita Shearer, Margaret Gibson, Margaret Eccles, Maureen Morrison, Shirley Drever, Lorraine Johnson, Katrina Mathieson, Edith Fiddler.
Added by Brian Budge on 18 May 2006
Bottom far left is not Judith Martin as she is in the middle row but I cannot remember her name.
The girl on the right of Judith Martin in the middle row is Carol Thomson.
Added by Anne Spence (nee Sinclair) on 15 March 2007
next to Judith Martin is Carroll Swanney (now Jamieson) and in the front row, l to r Rita Shearer, Marion Shearer, then as above
Added by Margaret Hinckley (Gibson) on 18 March 2007
Margaret is perfectly correct. It all comes back to me now.
Added by Anne Spence (nee Sinclair) on 20 March 2007
I was wondering if someone can confirm if Robin Harcus is John Robin Harcus? I think he was known by his middle name by some people?
Added by Derek Harcus on 27 March 2007
Looks like him. Did he come from Stronsay?
Added by William Watters on 28 March 2007
Front row second from left is Marion Shearer

Added by Barbara Smith on 03 June 2007
The Robin Harcus is a son of Geordie Harcus who was skipper on the north isles boat - MV Orcadia. They stayed in Buttquoy Crescent - his sister Helen is married to Jack Muir, the 'Peddie Kirk' minister
Added by John Foulis on 04 June 2007
That's hid aal sorted noo.
Added by Robin Harcus on 25 June 2007
It is 1AL in 1965 and I am fairly sure of the date as Andy Miller moved to the A class to get technical fairly soon after we started first year.
Added by Erlend Tait on 10 November 2008
Has anyone news of Lorraine Johnson?
Added by Barbara on 10 March 2009
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