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Orkney Golf Club Boys Championship
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Orkney Golf Club Boys Championship

As Bruce says, 'a cracking photo showing how fashions have changed. All the older boys wearing their "cool" Fair Isle patterned jumpers.

Can you imagine trying to get the teenagers to wear jumpers like that now?

Back row: ?, Eric Donaldson, ?, Eric Green, Ronnie Bullen, Kevin Peace, Alastair Scholes, ?MacKinnon?, Magnus Work

Middle row: ?, ?Barbara Partner?, Richard Green, Keith Brumpton, Shona Croy, Ross Donaldson, ?Audrey Partner?, Eric Bullen, Alan Croy, Clive Gilbert, Colin Bullen

Front row: Ian Croy, Ewan Clyde, Hugh Clyde, Gordon Mulraine, Leonard Scholes, Ian Kirkness'

Picture added on 14 February 2006
that 's me Barbra Black (Partner) in the lovely cardigan on the left. my sister Audrey is also there.
I think the picture was taken after a competitiion and I came last.
Added by Barbra Black on 14 February 2006
Bruce. I have a sneaking suspicion that could be my cousin Glen Robertson on extreme left beside Erik Donaldson but I'm no 100% sure at all.He certainly disna hae my good looks!!!
Added by Ian Robertson on 10 February 2007
Ian, that is indeed Glen Robertson as he and I were in the 9 hole competition. We were both equal and had to play an extra hole.
Added by Ian Kirkness on 14 March 2007
The chap starting the middle row is Derek Waugh who was here for a time and quite a good golfer. He and Glen Robertson were in same year at school as myself. Thankfully I left the Fair isle at home that day...
Added by Colin Bullen on 23 July 2008
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