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North Walls School
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North Walls School

Names anyone?
Picture added on 03 January 2006
Back row left to right
Ian Flett, ? Derek Farmer, Gary Thomson, Sigurd Simpson.
Middle row
Margaret Barnett, Norma Wilson, Shirley Peace, Kay Thomson, Mrs Thorburn
Front Row
Victor Richardson, ? ? Stuart Wilson
Anonymous comment added on 30 October 2006
I am convinced the missing body is myself as i was in the same class as most of these scallywags, although Colin Walls should have been there as well. I have studied umpteen photos of myself and am sure its me. I was born in may 47 so would have been 9 if the year is right. Can't place the girls between Victor and Stuart but someone will I am sure. Great pictures Beryl. REGARDS Francis
Added by Francis Hamilton on 06 April 2008
My name is Margaret (Thorburn) Tames and the teacher in this photograph is indeed my mother Nan Thorburn. I think Francis and I were not there as we were older than the children in this photo. We would have been with Norma Wilson's older sister Joyce and Derek Farmer's older brother Benjamin. My father was the headmaster at the school. We left to emigrate to Canda in 1958 and still live in British Columbia. Dad passed away a number of years ago - mum is 87 and doing well - remembers you all!!! I will never forget Orkney or any of you. A piece of my heart will remain there forever... warmest regards. Margaret
Added by Margaret (Thorburn) Tames on 25 June 2008
I believe you are right Margaret as we were as you say in the same class. Really nice to know you were looking in. The world has become a small place with the internet. Nice to know your mum is still going strong . Remember you all as well fondly. I have been away from Hoy for 43 years myself . Living south of glasgow. Francis..
Added by FRANK HAMILTON on 25 June 2008
Sadly there are a some in the photo who passed away when they were very young. Derek Farmer, Stuart Wilson and Kay Thomson.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 30 June 2008
Evan Williamson, Ian Flett, Derek Farmer, Johnny Laird, Sigurd Simpson.. Mar Barnett, Noma Wilson, Shirley Pease, Kay Thomson.. Vic Richardson, Christine Flett, Sylvia Sutherland, Stewart Wilson
Added by Garry Thomson on 27 July 2010
well done Garry. you have a better memory than me im afraid. nice to see you on . that puts that picture to bed at last. all the best , Francis

Added by Francis Hamilton on 27 July 2010
Cheers Francis, last time we met was the late 60s on the Cali Canal. I met Chimmy some years later when I was performing in Oban. Nice to know some of us are still about.
Added by Garry Thomson on 30 July 2010
I will have to update the names on the North Walls School section on "Friends Reunited"
Added by Beryl Simpson on 31 July 2010
Gary (Weston) Thomson
Might be one of his records at my parents house yet
Added by John on 18 August 2011
Gary Weston - The Country Kid From The Orkney Isles?
Added by John A Foulis on 20 August 2011
Wow Garry, you do have a great voice. I just listened to The Country Kid From The Orkney Isles on you Tube. You sound better than many of the Country and Western singers we have in Canada... Are you still touring?
Added by Margaret (Thorburn) Tames on 20 August 2011
Hi Margaret, i remember you just like yesterday,remember you tried to make actors out of us. I ended up in showbiz for almost 50 years now. Regards to your mum, and of course your husband.
Added by Garry Thomson (weston) on 23 August 2011
Ah yes Garry, I remember trying to persuade my dad to let us use the Community Centre for a "Children"s concert. Glad that show business worked out well for you and congrats on a long career. Sadly mum passed away on November 8 last year. I miss her terribly. She seemed a "young" 90 years old when she died. I am returning to Britain in two weeks on vacation with my husband and will briefly visit both Hoy and Eday. No matter how far away you are Orkney calls you back as the success of this wonderful website demonstrates. I look forward to travelling the roads of my childhood once again. If any of our classmates are still there please get in touch. I would love to see you.
Added by Margaret (Thorburn) Tames on 24 August 2011
Hello Margaret. so sorry to hear of your mums passing . it would have been nice to be back in Orkney to have seen you. Hope the weather is favourable. All the best, Francis Hamilton
Added by Francis Hamilton on 04 September 2011
Hi Margaret,so sorry to hear you lost your mum.

I don't do much gigging now but I was gigging in lyness on the 7th Aug, after my nephews wedding. Hey, if you can manage to stop at Dunfermline, dont be shy.
Added by Garry Thomson on 05 September 2011
Thank you Garry and Francis for your kind comments concerning my mum. I arrived back in Canada yesterday after a wonderful month in the U.K. Sorry I was never in Dumfermline Garry but I did hear about your singing in Lyness after your nephew's wedding and was sorry to have missed that:-)) I had a lovely visit with your brother Terry and his wife. I also had tea in the kitchen of your family home Francis and have a picture I will email to you in due course. Hoy is every bit as beautiful as I remembered and part of my heart will always remain there.
Added by Margaret (Thorburn) Tames on 07 October 2011
I still have my signed copy of Garry singing The Country Kid From the Orkney Isles on a 45 single! I seem to remember that it was old Nan Rosie that got Garry to sign it for me personally when he visited her house once ! She loved her country music! X
Added by Elaine Sutherland (Allen) on 18 August 2013
Awww I remember Nan Rosie very fondly. She used to drive a taxi and was quite the character:-)),
Added by Margaret Thorburn Tames on 22 August 2013
Nan died a while ago and her daughter Soren passed away within the last year. I have some fun photo's of Nan in a ladies football match at Lyness. Will add to this site if I haven't done it already.
Added by Beryl Simpson on 24 August 2013
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