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Mystery object no. 3
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Mystery object no. 3

Craig writes:
'This picture is a bit of a mystery.

This was a picture which was for sale on e-bay a few months ago, all it said was toll building Orkney, but I am not sure if it is in Orkney or not. I can't think of anywhere it can be which matches the type of building and the trees.

The only place I thought of was a building at Berstane Lodge maybe, but I have never investigated it further to see if it is or not. Anyone have any ideas?'

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Picture added on 12 December 2005
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Added by Kevin Scollay on 17 September 2008
Added by Buddo on 19 September 2008
The darkened part of the sky looks like it could be the outline of a large hill in the background. Could be somewhere near the North end of Hoy?
Added by Bob on 06 January 2011
The quality of this image is so poor it's hard to make anything of it. 'The darkened part of the sky' may be due to damage to the print. There seems to be a tree-lined avenue going down to the right - an unlikely feature in Orkney. I don't get an Orkney 'feel' from this at all, and would be prepared to bet a pound (yes!) that it's from somewhere else.
Added by Ian Hourston on 07 January 2011
Might hid be the gate hoose at Trumland?.
Added by John Budge on 09 January 2011
I remember seeing this on eBay at the time, the seller as I recall only thought it might be Orkney because he had acquired it with other PCs, some of which were of Orkney. I thought then that the combination of steep hills and lots of trees made it look much more like the Scottish Highlands than Orkney.
Added by Jim Eunson on 14 January 2011
It looks similar to the ferry/look out house at Kyle of Tongue. Near the hostel, that's c.1870's
Added by Ian Wilkins on 07 January 2022
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