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Longhope lifeboat crew, c. 1923
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Longhope lifeboat crew, c. 1923

Sylvia writes:
'This was taken approx 1923 Longhope lifeboat crew,this belonged to Nance Mackay of Ferry House Longhope whos father was pier master and a member of the life boat crew.'
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Picture added on 03 November 2005
This is a picture of some of the crew that went to the "Citos" in 1923. I have a similar photo and I know everyone in it, but am not certain of everybody in this one. I will put a question mark after the names I'm not sure of.
Back row. Tom Gunn?, Sandy Barnett Jnr?., Wilson Nicholson, Bob Johnston, Big George Johnston,
Middle row. Donald McKay, Alex Johnston, Jake Swanson, william Mowat, Davie Manson.
Front Row. John Robertson, Fred Johnston, Charlie Mowat.

Jake Swanson was in Kirkwall on the day of the "Citos" rescue, so William Mowat was the coxwain. I dont think that Bob Johnston was in the boat that day either, but George Johnston Jnr.was, also Sandy Barnett Snr.
Added by Fred Johnston on 01 February 2008
I definitely got some of the names wrong in my previous letter. The photograph is cut short at the right hand side, so Donald Mackay, who was actually at the "Citos" is not in this photo. Here goes again.
Willie Sutherland Secretary. Back Row. Sandy Barnett Snr., Sandy Barnett Jnr., Wilson Nicholson, Bob Johnston, Sinclair Mowat, George Johnston.

Middle. Jock Dass, Alex Johnston, Bill Mowat, Jake Swanson, Tom Gunn, Donald Mackay should be next, but he is out of the picture.

Front. Jocky Robertson, Fred Johnston, Charlie Mowat.

As I said before Jake Swanson was in Kirkwall that day and Bob Johnston was not on the service either as far as I know. Donald Mackay and George Johnston Jnr. are missing out of the picture, but they were there.
The captain of the naval destroyer, who was on the scene during the rescue said that it was the greatest feat of seamanship he had ever seen. The older generation could not understand why Bill Mowat didn't get an award for it. He really was a great seaman.
Added by Fred Johnston on 08 February 2008
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