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Bill Miller

Stronsay Lifeboat Stronsay lifeboat John Gellatly Hyndman approaching Stronsay's East Pier with Bill Stout on bow, and...
Whitehall Village Stronsay harbour on a nice day.
Whitehall Village A coorse day in March, 2007.
Sammy The Pet Seal This female grey seal has been poncing bait off me at the creels for the last 12 years. You can stro...
Meals On Wings. A wagtail nippan a daddy longlegs off me sittin room window.
Albino Scarfie Albino Scarfie on rocks near Vat o' Kirbuster, Stronsay.
In Vat o' Kirbuster Jeemie Stoot and me hivvan a tirl aboot in the Vat.
Pet Seal Again. Grandbairns feedan the seal Hob Nobs.
Papa Stronsay Monastery The monastery complex on Papa Stronsay with 24 monks cells, and their ferry the Isle of Berneray (El...

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