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Tim Wright

Mystery place and thing Which cheerful garden was this taken in? Taken 23/3/10
Mystery place A seat for a contented person in a cheerful place but where? Taken 23/3/10
Costa Del Evie on a summer afternoon Costa Del Evie on a summer afternoon
Wartime cinema at HMS Tern part of HMS Tern
More bits of HMS Tern more bits of HMS Tern
Control Tower at HMS Tern Control Tower at HMS Tern and sunday tea stop!!Many thanks to all those who made such an effort to e...
(Flying) fisheye view of Kirkwall Marina Snow showers over Kirkwall Marina 29/11/10
Thorsvoe homeward bound Homeward bound, 29/11/10
K462, Kirkwall harbour K462, Kirkwall harbour 29/11/10
Merkister Hotel Merkister hotel 2/12/10.We walked there and had a good lunch as the temp outside was -7c
Snowman at the window The Merkister indoor snowman waiting to go out to play !
A great job being done A great job being done. 3/12/10

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