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Grant Leonard

Mystery reason? Whereabouts should be easy enough. But WHY are these vans parked there ?
Cathedral A better copy of this old photo. Date is still a wild guess.
Another mystery place. No comments from Openreach staff please, past or present. ( Sorry Willie ).
A postcard from France. A postcard from Pte JK Leonard to his family at 26 High Street, sent on 4th April 1918.
A postcard from France (1). This is the other side of the postcard sent by Pte Leonard.
New Years day ba 1921 A Tom Kent postcard, from the Leslie Leonard collection.
Christmas ba 1913 A Tom Kent postcard from the Leslie Leonard collection.
Mystery place Mystery place
Vintage tractor- Fordson Waterwasher Fordson waterwasher, restored by Kenny Irvine, Openreach engineer and vintage tractor enthusiast.
Islanders over Egilsay Islander aircraft over Egilsay. July 2010.
Islander, July 2010 Islander, July 2010.
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 1959 A postcard of Foresterhill,sent by my late father in 1959.

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