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Blcokship 4 Blockship 4 by Tim Adams
Blockship 9 Blockship 9 by Tim Adams
Snow storm over Hoy Snow storm over Hoy January 2010
Peedie bird Redwing? at Berstane House 21 Jan 2010
Hexagonal house Taken September 2008, anybody out there who can tell me what this little house is called? It is in S...
Swans on Harray Loch swans on harray loch viewed from brodgar road. pic taken jan 2010
Snowy view from Scorradale Taken on 7th January from Scorradale.
Frozen sea and duck Frozen sea and ducks. Finstown Jan 10
Sledging in Sandwick Sledging in Sandwick.Jan10
Not everyone has a sledge! Not everyone has a sledge! Sandwick sledging ,Jan 10
Boardhouse Boardhouse. Jan 10

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