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Orkney Auction Mart The new Orkney Auction Mart under construction.
Royal Oak Tree planting at tghe Royal Oak visitors centre, Scapa. I think this was part of the VE Day celebra...
VE Day Royal British Legion contingent on parade on 50th anniversary of VE Day.
VE Day- 50th anniversary Royal British Legion standard bearers on the VE Say parade. On the right is Legion stalwart, the la...
VE Day- 50th anniversary Part of the Royal British Legion contingent on the VE Day parade
VE Day- 50th anniversary part of the Royal British Legion contingent on parade on VE Day.
VE Day - 50th Anniversary Royal British Legion Standard Bearers on parade.
Royal British Legion Gala Day A RBL Gala Day on Junction Road, part of which was closed for the the occasion. This was when we us...
Royal British Legion Gala Day A Gala Day on Junction Road. This was an annual event run by the Royal British Legion Club. The v...
Hatston A view of Hatston looking towards Orkney Salmon. The WWII bunkers, aircraft pens, etc. were there ...
Wedding Van D.H. Glue's delivery van.
Scotch? I thought that Scotch was a drink. Am I nit-picking, or should it have been Scottish?

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