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[No info with this one- Steven]
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Picture added on 06 March 2008
I sent in this one for Fred to identify.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 07 March 2008
Possibly the Icelantic trawler'Geyser'. Aground Torness in a s/e gale 1933, was salvaged but sank. Longhope lifeboat rescued the crew.
Added by Allan Besant on 07 March 2008
I think this is one of the many trawlers wrecked on Torness Hoy, the land in the back ground looks like "The Back o Brims"
Could be "Dorby"-"Bracken Moore"-Solanian" there were so many in the 1930s it is dificult to say unless the flag on the funnel means something to someone.
Added by John Budge on 07 March 2008
I have been told by engineer Bob that the "Geysar" went at the west side o Torness, and they dumped the fish to lighten the ship. It was mostly large cod from Iceland, and he also said that the fishing was very good that year as the lobsters came in to dine on the fish that was dumped.
The Boswans daughter aged about 14 was aboard and was rescued by the lifeboat and taken to Longhope along with all the crew from the trawler.

About 20 years ago we recieved four Icelandic blankets from that same lady then retired and wanted to be remembered by the people who had rescued her all those years before. I believe she also sent two more blankets to Kirkwall and Stromness.
Added by John Budge on 07 March 2008
I have a feeling that I have seen a similar photo at sometime in the past. I feel confident enough to say that this is neither the " Bracken Moor" or "Solanian" and I dont think it is the "Dorbie" either. I think it's the Icelandic trawler "Geyser" which went ashore on Torness in November 1933. As Alan says, she was salvaged, but sank.
Added by Fred Johnston on 07 March 2008
John, in the booklet History of the Longhope Lifeboats by Geoff Morris, it states that the "Geyser" was on the way home to Iceland after landing in Grimsby. If that is the case, it would be likely that she would ground on the east side of Torness.I appreciate the fact that Bob was there and Geoff wasn't, but he must have got his facts from somewhere. The " Silonian" did ground slightly to west of the point and the " Worsley" grounded at the west side of Ha Wick.
Added by Fred Johnston on 09 March 2008
I seem to remember when beachcombing at Ha Wick there were remains of the Worsley at the Watery Geos.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 10 March 2008
The speculation goes on.
Now then, might it have been fish from the "Carmania 11" that Bob spoke of, maybe that would make more sense. What dae you think Fred?.
There is no longer any one to ask.
Im, sure that the wreck that dumped the fish was just to the west o the point.
I am "Prood" to say that I went off wae Bob in the "Alert" tae haul creels sometimes.
Bob didna watch the bottom but took all his "meads" on the shore he kent all the best spots "furr a lapster".
Added by John Budge on 11 March 2008
Well John, the "Carmania 2" certainly went ashore west of Torness, so it could have been her that Bob was talking about.
Walter Ross might remember the details of the "Geyser"
Added by Fred Johnston on 12 March 2008
John, the "Silonian" went ashore just to the west of the point as well.
Added by Fred Johnston on 12 March 2008
I'm Walter Ross's daughter so I'll ask him and get back if he remembers anything
Added by Jane Harris (née Ross) on 30 March 2008
Yes, definitely the Geyser says Walter Ross. He wasn't sure of the year but 1933 sounds OK (he'd have been 12 at the time). Thinks the boat was going between Torness and the Watery Geos; could have swung in on the west with the tide. Hope this makes sense to those who know the geography and tides. And it did have a cargo of fish. He may have another picture of the Geyser lying on Torness Point.
A salvage tug called the Iron Axe (fairly sure of the name) came up from south and pulled the Geyser off. The lifeboat crew suggested she should be taken into Aith Hope to be checked over but the salvage boat wanted to take her south. Halfway across the Firth, the Geyser sank.

He also says one of the other 1933 wrecks was the Silanion, rather than Silonian. There's a wreck report online for this boat at www.plimsoll.org/resources/SCCLibraries/WreckReports/14059.asp
Added by Jane Harris on 01 April 2008
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