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One for comments- whose van, and location of pic?
Picture added on 25 February 2008
Nobody commenting on this one yet, I thought John Budge or Stewart Taylor could find out more about it. It was in my late mother's pics, I think it is outside Foremans Cottage, she lived there when she was young, but who's van? The year might be wrong, but it would be around that era.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 19 April 2008
Sorry Jimmy can't help right now. And no John, I NEVER DROVE THIS ONE.
Added by Stewart Taylor on 21 April 2008
Would this be the van belonging to J M F Groats shop and driven at some time by John Scott? Seem to remember our mother speaking of him driving one for Groats.
I bet there was no current M O T on this one, look the spare wheel has no center to it.!!
I bet there are parts of her still at the shop, they never throw anything away!!.
Anonymous comment added on 23 April 2008
If I am correct about the van it would be a Crossley, and the "scouws" o her are still at the back o the coal sheds at the shop.

Now I remember about 30 years ago taking Billy Smart of Circus fame down from Ginger Browns ferry to try to buy parts of that old Crossly from Jackie Groat as he owned the old Crossly BS1 formaly owned by the Groat family.
Jackie showed all the pieces like head lamps, radiator, etc but would not sell any of them to Billy, I remember him being rather upset as Jackie had answered an advert placed in the Orcadian by Mr Smart asking for spares for old BS1.
Anonymous comment added on 25 April 2008
Interesting comments, the Smart family if interested can buy the pic from me
for a vast amount of money.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 25 April 2008
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