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 Days gone by- Lyness
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Days gone by- Lyness

The date for this old picture is a guess.
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Picture added on 22 January 2008
A Fantastic photo Alan, but how did it get past censorship at that time, was it a military photo only released after the war?
Do you think the hub will surpass the scale of what happened back then?.

Is that a pier on Fara, and where are the tugs and pilot boats how did all this happen without the OIC harbour dept?.
Added by John Budge on 23 January 2008
It would be interesting to see a modern day equivalent
Added by B.Moar on 24 January 2008
The pier on Fara (fara as in fare NOT far) was demolished in the 60's. Some of it ended up as pit boards in my old mans garage.
Added by William Watters on 25 January 2008

I remember a pier there and I mind it being demolished. Also was there not a floating dock in that area somewhere ,as again I mind Nundy getting great amounts of very heavy chain for his salvage work from that area.
Added by Allan Besant on 25 January 2008
Think you are correct about the floating dock Alan, for the bulk that can be seen at the Fara land looks bigger than the old pier. The pier was taken down by Ikee Watters and Morris Mowat and taken to the Binks to be used mostly as wood to make creel bottoms.
Added by John Budge on 26 January 2008
I remember a story about the FARA PIER .One of the heid yins that built the pier
asked an old local man what he thought of the nice new pier they had built. The old fella says " Its a nice bit o work pity it didna reach the sea." Must have been low tide as it only went out that far or there about.

Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 26 January 2008
There were a few Fara men employed at Lyness well into the 50's. One of the MFV's used to go around Flotta & Fara every morning to pick the workers up. Just like a bus service. Well, I think the MFV went to Fara, but it could have been the big launch.In any case, it was quicker than from Longhope, where the bus used to come around every morning.
Added by Fred Johnston on 02 February 2008
Jimmy Pirie that had the pub in Longhope used to drive one of the RN buses, he drove the lyness kids to the north side school.
Added by Jimmy Hamilton on 04 February 2008
"Oh I mind I mind!!" Did wae no jist used tae hate tae hear wur folk sayan that.

Noo here wae are dooan the very same thing only tae the whole world.

Funny how we just turn into the previous generation.
Anonymous comment added on 04 February 2008
Alan I work at Lyness pier now and developments in the renewables at lyness are only just beginning, it is clear that Lyness is the best place for this type of work as a pier without a lot of landward space would be of little use, even with the improvements that have been done by the Island Council it is clear more working area is needed!! These gadgets!! they are designing are massive and will need maintenance throughout their life.
Yes Lyness has been so big in the past but this is a different ball game we are entering into now I wish it well.
Added by John Budge on 19 June 2011
Message for Allan Besant,

My name is Brian Gray, I'm the son of Margaret (Rita) Stephen born at Millbay West, Hoy in 1938. I've emailed Jimmy Hamilton and he mention that you may be able to assist me in tracking down the exact location of the building Millbay West that my Mum lived at while on Hoy. If you are able to help I would be very grateful, you can email me at [email protected]
Added by Brian Gray on 07 August 2012
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